Testimonials on Business Success

I Have Been The Highest Rated Dispatcher

"I have enjoyed all of your CD's. I have particularly benefited from the Self Healing. I have often used this when I felt myself getting sick and it helped me to prevent the illness.
I have also used Correcting Past Programing, as I come from a fairly dysfunctional / alcoholic family.

One thing I have been able to "test" as to its effectiveness is your phrase on sensing yourself improving everyday, in one area of your life.

I picked my job as a test. I am an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Our calls are marked and evaluated every month. I am suppose to score a 95 % on my calls every month. I regularly think of work during that segment of the CD and the last four months I have been the highest rated dispatcher. We all occasionally get there but it is rare for anyone to get repeated scores like that for long. I also won other awards at work in the last six months.

Thanks for a great product."

~ Kimberly H. from Canada

They Help Me to Change My Mind on A Lot of Daily Life Issues

"With the MindBox, I wanted to learn to think differently, to live my life to a higher degree. I wanted to learn how to meditate on a daily basis.

Now, I use the MindBox almost every day. I set my own goals and the MindBox help me stay focused on what I want to accomplish that day. They help me to change my mind on a lot of daily life issues and to see events differently than I use to.

A lot of people think they already know how the mind works, how to deal with the emotional issues of life,... but the MindBox really helps us to improve our quality of life!

I really enjoy listening to the MindBox. I like Burt's tone of voice and the different sequences of the MindBox."

~ John L Stevens from Saginaw Mi.

The Business Opportunities Are Just Popping Out Of The Blue

"My goal in using the MindBox was to develop a more calm life promoted by deeper thinking to achieve positive worthwhile goals at this later stage of life where there was not a burning desire for a career path (aged 64).

Now I seem to get business opportunities just popping out of the blue

I definitely recommend the MindBox to anyone to study with and absorb the great material and secrets held within. Then, you will realize they are not secrets anymore but universal truths when practiced and applied

The MindBox is an excellent products well presented and easily understandable."

~ Ray Hardisty from New Zealand

The Beginning Of A New Way Of Life!

"The MindBox has helped me increase my sales performance and it has worked wonderfully. My sales increased by 20%.

It is simple, effective and the beginning of a new way of life!"

~ Prentice Porter from Sedona, Arizona

My Life Has Changed Because of Quantum Jumping

"I enjoyed the Quantum Jumping training and found that the course helps me focus and makes me better able to handle stressful situations. I have found tools that have helped me control situations so that they are in my favor. My wealth has also increased in unexpected ways. My husband uncovered a treasure trove of prints and etchings, my daughter received a scholarship, my work paid me a significant bonus, and we were finally able to sell a rental property. Looking at all of this, it is rather amazing how things have been simply coming our way since I began my journey at the end of October. As for my happiness, well, it's been infectious.

Thanks Burt!"

~ Laura from New York, NY