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Take any group of 100 people at the start of their working career and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age and here’s what you’ll find, according to the Social Security Administration: only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially secure; 5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to; 36 will be dead; and 54 will be dead broke – dependent on the meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends and even charity for a minimum standard of living. Thats 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.

What’s your plan to get into the top 5%?

From goal setting, to abundance techniques, the American Monk MindBox offers and wealth of ways you can achieve business success and abundance during and after your career.

See how others have used the MindBox to help them on their journey to success and abundance.

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Awesome & Life-Changing Are Not Overstatements!
Awesome & Life-Changing Are Not Overstatements!

"I purchased the MindBox because I was looking for comfort after the deaths of both my son and father within a short time. I was also looking to improve a situation at work, where my boss was often rude and demeaning.

I used, often, the exercises for grief over those who have passed. This gave me closure, comfort and strength.

With my rude boss, she has gradually leaving me alone to do my job. I sometimes don't hear from her for days and even weeks at a time.

I would visualize us at a conference table, together, smiling and nodding at the statement that "we both want the same thing here, there is no need for conflict." I think she "feels" now, that we do both want the same thing and that I don't blame her for any past problems. She has a new confidence in me and my associates. A great turnaround!
Work is now bearable, whereas in the past I used to instead visualize walking out, which wasn't helping at all.

I would highly recommend the MindBox. It helped me, and there are lots of other applications for different problems that I feel it could improve almost anyone's life.

Awesome and life changing are not overstatements!"

~ LeeAnn Tassotti from Racine, Wisconsin

I Have Changed
I Have Changed

"I'm a schoolteacher who travels over an hour each day to school. I'm always listening to my CD collection for company.

And then I found Burt Goldman's CDs.

I play them every day for months now and I have changed. I now know how to better handle a difficult relationship, how to set goals, how to use more of my mind, how to change my attitude when the day gets rough,...

Thanks a million. And I love the advice I get in my e-mails, keep it up."

~ Marsha Carey from Norco, California

I Have Been The Highest Rated Dispatcher

"I have enjoyed all of your CD's. I have particularly benefited from the Self Healing. I have often used this when I felt myself getting sick and it helped me to prevent the illness.
I have also used Correcting Past Programing, as I come from a fairly dysfunctional / alcoholic family.

One thing I have been able to "test" as to its effectiveness is your phrase on sensing yourself improving everyday, in one area of your life.

I picked my job as a test. I am an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Our calls are marked and evaluated every month. I am suppose to score a 95 % on my calls every month. I regularly think of work during that segment of the CD and the last four months I have been the highest rated dispatcher. We all occasionally get there but it is rare for anyone to get repeated scores like that for long. I also won other awards at work in the last six months.

Thanks for a great product."

~ Kimberly H. from Canada

The MindBox Helped Me to Balance My Lifestyle

"I wanted to improve meditation techniques especially for goal setting. I wanted to be on an emotional, spiritual, physical or material focus.

The MindBox has helped in speeding my point of focus. It's given me the techniques to "STOP", slow right down and see the situation for what it really is, at that point in time. Not later sitting down for meditation but right here and now! The MindBox is VERY useful.

I absolutely recommend this product. Especially for someone that has been meditating and needs to "fine tune" their intentions. This will get you way ahead in double quick time.

The MindBox is great. It's certainly helped me to balance my lifestyle. It is well presented and straight to the point."

~ Jose Coelho from Johannesburg, South Africa

I Finally Feel I've Found What Works For Me

"I'm very happy with the MindBox and have even created a 'tool' for myself - "My Cloak of Calmness". It's for those days that go wrong from the moment you get up in the morning and you probably should have stayed in bed.

I love all the training,talks and meditations I've used so far. In fact I'm seriously considering selling off my 'collection' of self improvement books, cd's, tapes and courses.

I feel I can get on with my life now just using your simple and effective methods. From all the many things I've used, I finally feel I've found one that works for me. I just wanted a simple user manual for my mind and thanks to you, I have it now.

One day soon, when I will have completed my goals, I will become what I believe I was intended to be in my life: Coach/Counsellor.
I will finally preach my ultimate goal thanks to the Mindbox and you Burt."

~ Olma Feneck from New Zealand

They Help Me to Change My Mind on A Lot of Daily Life Issues

"With the MindBox, I wanted to learn to think differently, to live my life to a higher degree. I wanted to learn how to meditate on a daily basis.

Now, I use the MindBox almost every day. I set my own goals and the MindBox help me stay focused on what I want to accomplish that day. They help me to change my mind on a lot of daily life issues and to see events differently than I use to.

A lot of people think they already know how the mind works, how to deal with the emotional issues of life,... but the MindBox really helps us to improve our quality of life!

I really enjoy listening to the MindBox. I like Burt's tone of voice and the different sequences of the MindBox."

~ John L Stevens from Saginaw Mi.

It Has Helped Me Deal With Almost Every Situation In Life

"The MindBox has helped me deal with almost every situation in life. It has also helped me to keep a positive outlook in life, bring positive influences to the people I know & expect good things to come / happen.
It has helped me change for the better & taught me happiness is actually a state of mind

The MindBox provides excellent lessons for handling almost every situation in life positively. More importantly, it helps me in the realization of my dreams, living a fulfilling & happy life & attainment of spiritual awareness."

~ Liza Lim from Selangor, Malaysia

A nice mix of "theory and real world application."

"My main goal for purchasing the MindBox was that I needed to regain control of my life.

I find the techniques to be of great value and some of Mr. Goldman's life experiences have given me ideas on how to improve my own life. A nice mix of "theory and real world application."
The concepts, techniques and ideas are simple and straightforward to use.

Overall, this is an excellent product."

~ S. Kennedy from Toronto, Canada

The Business Opportunities Are Just Popping Out Of The Blue

"My goal in using the MindBox was to develop a more calm life promoted by deeper thinking to achieve positive worthwhile goals at this later stage of life where there was not a burning desire for a career path (aged 64).

Now I seem to get business opportunities just popping out of the blue

I definitely recommend the MindBox to anyone to study with and absorb the great material and secrets held within. Then, you will realize they are not secrets anymore but universal truths when practiced and applied

The MindBox is an excellent products well presented and easily understandable."

~ Ray Hardisty from New Zealand

This Program Is Phenomenal

"In purchasing the MindBox, I hoped to tap into the wealth of energy I was certain the human body is capable of. I am a psychology major that hoped to be able to incorporate certain aspects of these techniques into my own person therapy.
Since now, the MindBox has been helping me to achieve my goal of getting my Psychological Diploma.

I would most certainly recommend it to EVERYBODY. This program is phenomenal. It brings techniques to the public that a person may not be able to learn otherwise."

~ Jason Freitag from Spokane, WA

My Life Has Improved Because My Mind Has Improved

"My goal was to achieve my financial aim in life.

Thanks to the MindBox, my life has improved because my mind has improved.

I would recommend it to everyone because it's real!

Just try it! and the rest is history!"

~ Samuel Okorocha from England, United Kingdom

I Have Achieved My Goal Thanks To The MindBox

"My goal was to obtain some clarity in my thinking.
I have achieved my goal thanks to the MindBox.

I would recommend this products to anyone and I have recommended it to many friends.

I think the MindBox covers many aspects of living this intricate life."

~ Gina from Middleburgh, New York

Outstanding Presentation Of Relaxation's Methods

"My goal was to loose weight and reduce my daily stress levels. My goals have been easily reached with the help and guidance of the MindBox.

I certainly would recommend the MindBox series to anyone interested.

I think it is an outstanding presentation of many varied methods of relaxation and trance states."

~ William McLean from Franklin

The Beginning Of A New Way Of Life!

"The MindBox has helped me increase my sales performance and it has worked wonderfully. My sales increased by 20%.

It is simple, effective and the beginning of a new way of life!"

~ Prentice Porter from Sedona, Arizona

Cleared The Path To Reaching My Goals

"I wanted to get more energy in my life and I succeeded to do this with the MindBox.
It helped me clear the path to reaching my goals.

People have to experience the MindBox for themselves.
It is easy to use and you can do it at home at any time you wish."

~ Ton Knijnenburg from Den Hague, The Netherlands

Higher Spirituality & Better Control Over My Life

"The reason why I bought the MindBox was to attain higher spirituality and better control over my life.

The Mindbox definitely helped me with this.

I also used this during my step 1 board exam ( for medical school) studies. I would go through a meditation during each of my breaks. Over a day, that adds up to a lot of meditating ( definitely helped with my anxiety and stress levels. I obtained therefore a better score!).

MindBox covers such a wide array of topics. It can solve most problems out there!

The MindBox was good. The ideas and the theories behind what he says is solid."

~ Mandeep Gill from New York, USA