Testimonials on Change Life

Gave Me Tremendous Power & Energy
Gave Me Tremendous Power & Energy

"It is great! My life has changed! You helped me to convert my miserable life into a much better life! No, I did not win a lottery. It is much better: I found you...!

It can get only better and better every day! Your method gave me power and endless source of energy to do my work and help others!"

~ Gabriela Pielarska from Toronto, Canada

The Good Life is Reachable

"Throw away your self help tapes, tear up your self help books, forget about motivation seminars, don't bother with advice for the lovelorn, give up on conquering procrastination, get over trying to figure out how to succeed.

You won't need any of that, just listen to Burt Goldman's course and the good life is reachable. I know. It worked for me."

~ Laura Walker from Temecula, California

I Have Changed
I Have Changed

"I'm a schoolteacher who travels over an hour each day to school. I'm always listening to my CD collection for company.

And then I found Burt Goldman's CDs.

I play them every day for months now and I have changed. I now know how to better handle a difficult relationship, how to set goals, how to use more of my mind, how to change my attitude when the day gets rough,...

Thanks a million. And I love the advice I get in my e-mails, keep it up."

~ Marsha Carey from Norco, California

The Very Important Part of Me is Back
The Very Important Part of Me is Back

"Some twelve years ago, I had the opportunity to read one book on Silva Method. I remember reading it in a hurry, feeling totally impressed and then continuing with the pressing problems of the 'real' life - so whatever came out of this reading, it didn't last.

After finishing my studies, I became a Doctor, but I have always had this artistic urge - I also have been illustrator and draftsman. I have somehow managed to keep those two sides of my life reasonably together.

Some six years after, I lost the urge to create, got lost in immediate needs. I felt that a very important part of me is missing. Even more, I couldn't make myself draw - somehow I felt blocked and powerless...
Although everything else worked fine for me, I felt this need to express myself artistically, and that part of me was blocked.

I read Burt Goldman's online course and started meditating daily, mostly using affirmations. Unbelievably I started drawing again! I am little bit afraid to say this aloud - I feel that very important part of me is back.

By removing mental block that was stopping me from being creative, I feel that I have done something equally important!

Thank you, Burt! You have done something great for me!"

~ Riste Sekuloski from Macedonia

Effective Techniques for Improving the Quality of Your Life
Effective Techniques for Improving the Quality of Your Life

"Burt converts his profound understanding of metaphysics and how the mind works into simple, effective techniques for improving the quality of your life."

~ Mandy Bass from Miami, Florida

A Huge Change In My Life
A Huge Change In My Life

"THANK YOU BURT! Thank you for making a huge change in my life. I have, through the years, listened or attended various motivational classes. None have worked for me. Yours is truly the best and I see progress! Why? Because of the way you present the material. It's as if I am listening to a friend that wants to help me. You are so genuine in your presentation. I have purchased almost all of your programs and have found the MindBox series to be my favorite (so far).

As a result, I have become better organized and determined to complete projects. Then I started using the Chinese Labyrinth every day. It is located in my Barn/Office on the property, I keep it out to use the minute I walk into my office. Once I "walk" the Labyrinth, I feel energized and ready to work and complete projects. I have also set a time frame for completion.

What I think is even better, is my that my attitude has changed for the better. I look forward to the future and am working on shedding any and all negativity.

I would highly recommend MindBox to any one! It has made a very positive difference in my life. I am better organized and looking forward to a brighter future.

The lectures are easy to follow and interesting to listen to. Burt comes across as someone who really cares about helping others be the best they can. It's the way he presents the material, he makes it feel as if we're friends and he just wants to help. The meditations are wonderful and not very long. Which I like.

I love his energy, his caring way, his talents, and the gift he is giving to the world."

~ Karin Janin from Highland, New York

Now I Know That I'm Not Too Old

"The course has given me inspiration to continue working on projects I had discontinued because I thought I was too old.
Now I Know that I'm not too old. I have a new zest for life and get up every morning knowing that I still have a purpose in life. I look forward to celebrating my 90th birthday in September.

I want to thank you for producing the MindBox."

~ Arnold Jackson from Australia

I Understand Depression Better And I'm Changing My Attitude

"I am still going through the MindBox but want to thank you especially for the techniques on grieving which have been incredibly helpful to me. A good friend of mine pass away recently. Her death was such a shock and so unexpected. I still had so much to say and so many regrets. So now I visit her in the spirit world and its been an incredible experience.

My life has been very challenging lately, moving constantly from one country to another, and changing life situations had me in deep depression and feeling so hopeless. I was being so hard on myself, but now I understand depression better and am changing my attitude, creating all these challenges as exciting new adventures.

Now I am excited about all the possibilities and changing my attitude there as well.

The MindBox has so much great information. Many thanks."

~ Sheryl Saunders from Istanbul

Wonderful Results, Really Amazing Actually
Wonderful Results, Really Amazing Actually

"I am working through some major changes in my life. I am recently separated from my husband of 18 years, I'm attending school to become an herbalist, and later a massage therapist. I am heavily in debt due to the stock market's fall and the fact that I was my family's sole financial support. I am attempting to make these positive changes to relieve the mental anguish that I suffered for so many years, a severe lack of ego strength, and other issues, as well as create a better life for myself and my children.

The MindBox has been wonderful to listen to. I often listen to it while I am out on long walks, and sometimes at bed time I listen to the meditation tracks. I have listened to some of the tracks many times and feel I need to absorb them before I move on to the further ones. Burt's voice is so soothing that it really relaxes me and enables me to listen and absorb a lot of his information and techniques.

The personal "magnet" technique has had pretty wonderful effects, really amazing actually. I have found the lessons and meditations extremely useful especially the Bagha and Bagha Duo techniques."

~ Ellen Santistevan from New Mexico, USA

Found a sense of belonging

"Personal development, search of enlightenment, connection to Universe

I would definitely recommend this to everyone I know. Absolutely! This is the best investment anyone can ever do in themselves. Absolutely priceless.

All of the products are amazing and content priceless to own. American Monk is a course that takes years to master, so the investment is one time fee for a lifetime of use and years to master.

I believe that this package covers EVERYTHING and ANYTHING a human being would ever want to learn and matser in the area of personal development.

Most amazing is to be part of the MIND VALLEY on-line community and regularly getting lessons and tips on the journey to enlightenment. ALL e-mails are absolutely helpful, sought for, wanted and welcome. I really appreciate MIND VALLEY and everything they do for the community that they have created.

I found a sense of belonging and finally I feel that I found the true passion for the science behind energy of the Universe.

LOVE IT ALL! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart :)


~ Victoria from Toronto,ON

Quest To Discover Life Purpose

"For the last few years I've been on a quest to discover life purpose, God, energy, and to understand the science and spirit of who we are. My goal for learning from the MindBox series was for overall self improvement and increased knowledge. I had known of the MindBox and was curious about it.

Four weeks ago I broke my ankle from a silly fall at work. Instinctively, I knew I had caused this harm to myself. So it sounded odd to me when people called it an "accident". I didn't know or understand the reasoning behind my "accident" but I knew it was no accident. The doctor ordered me off my feet for four weeks, so I took this opportunity to study the MindBox series. I wasted no time in placing the order!

My month off my feet is up on Tuesday (two more days), at which time I can return to work. This morning I practised the Magic Square (on crutches) for the first time. I have come to believe that I needed the four weeks to remove myself from a very long standing stressful work environment. I work with children who have been permanently removed from the care of their parents.

The MindBox has helped me identify the stress I live in every day while at work. It has also helped me to open myself to other possible positions both inside and outside the organization. The MindBox has helped me to create some long term goals and recognize the source of my stagnation. The MindBox has also given me resources to help me protect myself from the negative emotional energies that I will face once again when I return to work.

When I began listening to the CD's, the sense that I already knew this material overwhelmed me. It was like Burt was reminding me of long forgotten common sense. As the CD's continued though, new material was also discovered. I have come to accept that I absorb the energy around me and I need to separate that from my own. I feel I've developed my psychic ability to some degree and that I can trust what I sense now.

I have already recommended the MindBox to a coworker. She had heard of the American Monk. When I return to work, I expect that others will see the changes I've made and I will let them know where the credit is due and if they would like, I will direct them to the American Monk's material.

The American Monk is real. The techniques although they sound weird are real. I believe someday when we have a better understanding of quantum physics we will see the techniques as natural. We will look back on this time period and recognize we were in our infancy in understanding the bigger picture."

~ Barb McLean from Peace River, Alberta, Canada

The Techniques I am Learning Are Amazing

"I'm very pleased with my purchase. I am finding the material fascinating. The techniques I am learning are amazing and the results are automatic.

I highly recommend the mind box, especially those who feel they need a change.

Thank you for empowering me."

~ Robert Hall from Gaithersburg, MD.

Quality, Mind-Blowing, Paradigm-Stretching Exercises

"WOW! If you want quality, mind-blowing, paradigm stretching exercises, the MindBox collection is for you. Regardless of who your are, what you believe, or what you think you know, you will gain some useful insights about yourself and your world's view."

~ Greg Richardson from Kansas City, MO, USA

It Contains Invaluable Knowledge
It Contains Invaluable Knowledge

"My goal was to improve my life and health. I wanted to learn to control my thoughts, improve my life style in all aspects.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is interested and people who need help, because this knowledge also improves the individuals'self-esteem.

The MindBox is very useful and needed.

It opens your mind and it contains invaluable knowledge."

~ Isaura Mashiko from Japan

There Are So Many Things One Can Learn And Apply

"I am really glad that I bought your course Mr. Goldman.
This is a course that one can never be finished with. One has to go back again and again. There are so many things one can learn and apply. I find the CD's very useful. I can easily find the material I need to listen to. I have read your book and again, I have to keep on referring to it because it is a real treasure.

May God Bless you for all that you are doing to help us better ourselves."

~ E. F. from Canada

Your Program Has Been A Blessing

"I am retired but have my grandson living with me. Your program has been a blessing. I read all of the lessons I get from you, and along with that, share them with my grandson and use them as valuable lessons to be learned about life.

He enjoys reading them, and they have helped him in school as well as life. He has begun to be much more rational in his thought processes."

~ Jim Nobles from USA

Thought Provoking And Professionally Inspiring

"Dear Mr Goldman, I wanna give you my deep appreciation for the marvelous pieces of advice. Your notes have been very thought provoking and professionally inspiring.

I have applied many of your lessons and they do work and work well. I wish more and more people could have access to your pioneering work for the benefit of their enterprises as indeed to them personally."

~ Raymond B. from Mauritius

Like A Manual Of Reality

"The tapes were like a manual of reality.
Everything that I could possibly be involved with from birth to death was dealt with on one or the other of the tapes.

None of the other sets I purchased elsewhere explained exactly what to do - they weren't real -
Burt Goldman's teachings gave me precise instructions on how to deal with reality."

~ Robyn from New York

I Use It Every Day

"When I bought the MindBox, I was very pleased to receive such a precious gift.

I started immediately by listening to the Cd's. I was surprised by the wisdom that I've found in them.
It actually represents a lot of wisdom and knowledge.

As soon as I started putting the information into action, my world around started changing. I now use the MindBox every day."

~ Jurgen de Clippel from Belgium

The MindBox Helps People With The Situations They Face

"I was very touched by the care evident in the American Monk materials.
The MindBox is comprehensive and gives excellent advice to help people with all kinds of situations they face that make life difficult.

Implicit in the teachings is the message that you can trust yourself and help yourself.

That is the most hopeful message people can hear!"

~ Diane Snider from Chicago, USA

The Techniques Can Be Used To Great Effect At Any Time

"I first came across Burt Goldman's product while browsing the internet looking into methods that could hep me through a rough patch in my life.
I was finding it difficult to cope and needed to get in touch with my deeper self.
I have found the MindBox recordings very useful and have listened to them many times. The three two one method works well for me and enables me to touch base when things around get tough. I often now use the Bagha and the Wave of Goodness to send good vibes to those around me. I am so glad you made these cds and passed on some of your knowledge for our benefit. Thank you.

I would recommend purchasing the MindBox because it is crammed with so much useful information and gives access to techniques that can be used to great effect at any time."

~ Krysia Beynon from Swansea

This Program Is Phenomenal

"In purchasing the MindBox, I hoped to tap into the wealth of energy I was certain the human body is capable of. I am a psychology major that hoped to be able to incorporate certain aspects of these techniques into my own person therapy.
Since now, the MindBox has been helping me to achieve my goal of getting my Psychological Diploma.

I would most certainly recommend it to EVERYBODY. This program is phenomenal. It brings techniques to the public that a person may not be able to learn otherwise."

~ Jason Freitag from Spokane, WA

The MindBox Really Works!

"My goal was to bring more "Me" time and relaxation into my life. By using the MindBox, I have managed to achieve this.

I love the meditation, I use them to relax at night. I love the Bagha -- it really works! I enjoy having this program at hand. It's great to be able to use it anytime that's convenient for me.

I would recommend the MindBox to everyone. This is a program that can improve your quality of life even if you don't have problems.

The MindBox really works!!"

~ Vivette from South Africa

A nice mix of "theory and real world application."

"My main goal for purchasing the MindBox was that I needed to regain control of my life.

I find the techniques to be of great value and some of Mr. Goldman's life experiences have given me ideas on how to improve my own life. A nice mix of "theory and real world application."
The concepts, techniques and ideas are simple and straightforward to use.

Overall, this is an excellent product."

~ S. Kennedy from Toronto, Canada

Blown Away By The Quality & Quantity of Information

"As a person who develops and conducts professional level training courses, I was truly blown away by the quality and quantity of information in this package.

The information is presented in a professional manner and in a format that meets the various leaning styles of adult learners. The videos clips, audio clips and manuals work well together to present a topic and re-enforce learning.

It would take you several weeks of seminars to obtain the information presented."

~ Greg Richardson from Kansas City, USA

It Can Change Your Life Forever As It Has Changed Mine
It Can Change Your Life Forever As It Has Changed Mine

"My goal was to be a better person and to improve my relationship with others.
I'm feeling much better now and I decided to create a website to share with others all the things I have experienced.

I would recommend this product to everyone because it can change your life forever as it has changed mine.

For me, Burt Goldman has a kind and youth way to teach how to improve our lives."

~ Isabel Mendes from Lisbon, Portugal

It Is The Only One That Works!

"I am familiar with Burt Goldman's teachings and time-proven methods.

Mr. Goldman is, in my mind, a very knowledgeable person in his field. The MindBox fills my needs in any situation I may find myself in.

I recommend the MindBox because it is the only one that works!

Fantastic product."

~ Derek Corkin from England

Higher spiritual level

"Dear Burt,

Your Mind Boxes I and II were one of the first lessons I bought via Internet, in English. The best way to learn English is hearing your lessons. Your voice is very pleasant and clear to understand. I first wanted to learn English
That is important for a Beginner.

I heard all your lessons and learned a lot English and much more for my life. I find myself more successful now and my wishes get fulfilled, in the presence and I think in the future.

Thank you so much for this all and for your interesting e-mails and the pretty enjoyable videos. Your paintings are amazing!

As this year my 71st birthday is coming, I am young enough to let my life go better and better. I love your work.

Your Mindbox I and II is the best way to learn English and to change the previous life to a higher spiritual level. When my clients and friends are ready to read your letters, I tell them my experiences with your Mind Box.

Your engagement in all your works is pretty strong. The videos and MP3`s are very interesting and always instructive for me.

With warmest regards,
Hannelore LoHann Dostal, Spiritual Healer, Munich"

~ Hannelore Dostal from Germany

A Great Tool For Self Improvement.

"I was fortunate to have met Burt in person and have done hypnotherapy training with him in 1998 in the Netherlands. I am so glad that Burt is still inspiring us in his own special way through his teachings. I would recommend the Mindbox to everyone because of its potential to improve one's life. It is a great tool for self improvement."

~ Asha Blauw from The Netherlands

It Will Change Your Life

"I was not happy with my life the way it was and I needed to see a change.

I decided to buy The MindBox. It has so much great information and it really helped me change my life.

I would recommend the MindBox to my friends, because it is a very good program.
It has value in there for everybody.

It will change your life.

For me it was money well spent."

~ Seraina Gmuender from Canada

I See Improvements In My Life Everyday!

"I bought the MindBox because I wanted to improve my health, wealth, and happiness, by taking control of my life.

I now KNOW my life will be better, and that I will achieve all I desire ...

After using the MindBox, I have seen improvements in my life everyday."

~ Violet Berecky from Jacksonville, Florida

I Control My Thoughts Much Better And I Can Make Better Decisions

"My life has improved substantially. I am a different person now. I know I still have a long way to go, but with a little help from the MindBox I will achieve much more than I have ever imagined.

The complete MindBox is a wonderful complex set. I use all of the lectures and chapters and especially I am enjoying "Connection to a higher consciousness", ESP and Reiki Healing.

Now, I control my thoughts much better and I can make better decisions (which my whole family benefits from)."

~ Lauro Barreto from South Africa

The Perfect Complete Self-Improvement Package

"It is all I need. The MindBox is the perfect complete self-improvement package.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone. It's all they need to completely change their life."

~ John Huddleston from Long Beach, California

I like it
I like it

"My goal was to improve my life. The MindBox and the Meditation helped me to do it.

I would recommend the MindBox to everybody. Even if you practice repetitive listening, you hear something new every time."

~ Beth A. Haley from Calgary, Alberta Canada

A True Believer
A True Believer

"My goal was to improve on my mental abilities, physical health and suceed in a career. I lost my 5 children fighting for 6yrs trying to get my children back. I indured tramatic stress after having to face the agressors for 6yrs. I recently lost my home and had to move away from my family to start over. I fell into depression and started greiving over the loss of my children. I was told I would never stop missing my children, which is everyday. I was told to not look back and to move forward but how?

I believe your course has helped me greatly. I am not where I want to be at this point but I am getting there. I am working on my art again and been able to use your meditation techniques to help cope with what I have had to deal with. I love your stories and was encouraged by the fact that you are an sucessful artist/writer, among our other sucesses. I am striving to suceed in art/writing and hope to have a chance to have my children come home some day.

Yes, I would recommend your course to others. You have a natural ability to make it easy to try you course because you believe in what you are doing. This had me believe that your courses may help me. I believe it has.

Before I bought your course, I tried the free courses you provided and went onto your blog. You never sounded like it was a sales pitch or infomercial. That alone drew me to want to invest further into your courses. You promote your courses as to be truth threw your own experiences and this helped me believe that this truely works.

I have listened to other programs like yours but they were to busy trying to sell their program that I had no interest to seek any further.

Thank you, I believe
you are helping others."

~ Theresa Friesen from Canada