Testimonials on Emotional Freedom Techniques

Positive Energy For Building Another Future For Myself
Positive Energy For Building Another Future For Myself

"I am a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, from New Orleans, and since that life-altering event, I have been reaching out for every possible tool and benefit that I can attain, in my attempt to rebuild my life and career.
I am a multi-disciplinary performance artist, and teacher of various arts education programs of my own creation, formerly in the Orleans Parish Public Schools System.

As most of my work was interrupted by the destruction and closure of the schools and many of the performance venues where I had formerly presented my creation, I had to direct my creativity towards the considerable effort of recreating my artistic life.

I am still in that process, and have used many of the visualization, meditation and emotional management techniques you have created in the MindBox, as a way of helping myself on the path. Along with my yoga and tai chi practice, I have managed to transform most of the rage and frustrations I had felt in the early stages into positive energy for building another future for myself."

~ Nanette Ledet, survivor of Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans

Since Using The MindBox I Enjoy My Life More
Since Using The MindBox I Enjoy My Life More

"My goal was to boost my self-esteem and master my emotions. Since I using the MindBox I can say that I enjoy my life more. I worship every day and every moment. Burt has helped me to be my real Self.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone else. It's the good solution to improve your attitude towards various life-challenges.

I think Burt spreads José Silva´s word in a very useful and user friendly way and he helps people to really lead a fulfilling life."

~ Benjamin from Bochum, Germany

I am Now Emotionally Independent Of Different Relationships In My Life
I am Now Emotionally Independent Of Different Relationships In My Life

"My goal with the MindBox was to improve my mindset in my personal life from having a negative, defeating attitude into being a more positive and calmer person and being in control of my emotions. Burt's teachings helped me to accomplish this.

All my life, I have been around negative people, family and friends programming my mind and letting them 'get to me.' Now I am emotionally independent of the bad relationships in my life."

~ Maria Markogiannis from New York City

I Feel Blessed To Have Found The MindBox

"My purpose in buying the MindBox was mainly for stress reduction and learning how to take control of my emotions.

I am presently going through a very difficult divorce and needed strategies that I could use to maintain my composure and keep my stress level down.
I absolutely love the first CD's in the MindBox.

I use some portions of it every single day and will most likely continue to do so during the remainder of this divorce process. I love that I've never heard of these techniques before. I love even more that these techniques truly do work. I feel like I have rewired my thoughts and emotions in certain ways.

I truly feel blessed to have found and taken a chance on the MindBox.

I would absolutely recommend the MindBox because it has brought me positive results.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the MindBox. I'm certain that I will be purchasing more American Monk products in the future, as I have faith in Burt and the products that he is producing. I like the way he delivers his message. He comes across as being very real, which appeals to me."

~ Cheryl from New Jersey

Quest To Discover Life Purpose

"For the last few years I've been on a quest to discover life purpose, God, energy, and to understand the science and spirit of who we are. My goal for learning from the MindBox series was for overall self improvement and increased knowledge. I had known of the MindBox and was curious about it.

Four weeks ago I broke my ankle from a silly fall at work. Instinctively, I knew I had caused this harm to myself. So it sounded odd to me when people called it an "accident". I didn't know or understand the reasoning behind my "accident" but I knew it was no accident. The doctor ordered me off my feet for four weeks, so I took this opportunity to study the MindBox series. I wasted no time in placing the order!

My month off my feet is up on Tuesday (two more days), at which time I can return to work. This morning I practised the Magic Square (on crutches) for the first time. I have come to believe that I needed the four weeks to remove myself from a very long standing stressful work environment. I work with children who have been permanently removed from the care of their parents.

The MindBox has helped me identify the stress I live in every day while at work. It has also helped me to open myself to other possible positions both inside and outside the organization. The MindBox has helped me to create some long term goals and recognize the source of my stagnation. The MindBox has also given me resources to help me protect myself from the negative emotional energies that I will face once again when I return to work.

When I began listening to the CD's, the sense that I already knew this material overwhelmed me. It was like Burt was reminding me of long forgotten common sense. As the CD's continued though, new material was also discovered. I have come to accept that I absorb the energy around me and I need to separate that from my own. I feel I've developed my psychic ability to some degree and that I can trust what I sense now.

I have already recommended the MindBox to a coworker. She had heard of the American Monk. When I return to work, I expect that others will see the changes I've made and I will let them know where the credit is due and if they would like, I will direct them to the American Monk's material.

The American Monk is real. The techniques although they sound weird are real. I believe someday when we have a better understanding of quantum physics we will see the techniques as natural. We will look back on this time period and recognize we were in our infancy in understanding the bigger picture."

~ Barb McLean from Peace River, Alberta, Canada

The Most Complete Program As Of This Date

"Having traveled to the Far East in the Marine Corps during the Korean Police Action, I became interested in the healing arts and Martial Arts also having taken the Silva Mind Control program in the early 70's.
I have always been interested in increasing my knowledge and researched Emotion Freedom Techniques program & many others,...

By far your Platinum MindBox is the most complete program as of this date. I thank you for putting together such a complete Mind & Spirit Course.

Yes, I would highly recommend the MindBox to anyone. It is very informative, easy to use with abundance of useful knowledge and information.
I have already recommended it to some of my friends."

~ Les Armentor from Groves, Texas