Testimonials on Energy Healing

My Self-Esteem Seems To Have Improve
My Self-Esteem Seems To Have Improve

"I have had quite a few successes with the MindBox, especially with the Bagha technique and the Power Shield technique has worked just great. I also love the Daisy Pond and the Om stress meditations.

Using the MindBox, I have been able to diminish some of my aches and pains by transferring the Chi to a scarf.

My self-esteem seems to have improved a great deal and I feel comfortable in the company of many people and even have made new friends.

I recommend The Mind Box to everyone because it works!!"

~ Barry Beacock from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Increased My Abilities As A Healer

"The Mindbox has given me new tools to deal with challenges that come up in my life. It doesn't seem to matter what the issue is, I can find a solution amongst the many different recordings in the MindBox. Burt is such an wonderful speaker that even just listening to his voice has a calming effect. I always listen to the training talk while traveling and the time just seems to fly by, and I am being educated at the same time.

I think the MindBox is wonderful. I have developed new skills and have increased my abilities as a Healer."

~ Lois Lovegrove from Australia

It's An Excellent Value And Worth Purchasing

"My goal was to come to terms with my life, which changed dramatically when my husband died.

In this context, I have found The MindBox invaluable. I now feel more relaxed, I can once again take myself to alpha level easily and just allow my body and mind to heal.

I would recommend it because the MindBox covers all eventualities that people might need help with.

I listened to the whole series of lectures and scripts, even though I didn't feel that some applied to me at that moment in time. Nevertheless, I found putting the whole package together and listening to each in turn created a firm foundation from which to work on myself.

It's definitely an excellent value and worth purchasing."

~ Christine Burns from Bracknell, Berkshire, UK

The Most Explicit & Easy To Understand.

"I found your course to be the most explicit & easy to understand.

My entire philosophy on life is exactly as you teach, I am a healer and teach this way of looking at life but for some time now it would appear that I have lost my way and had hoped for the answers in your system. Your course is extremely comprehensive, laid out in an easy step by step system. I have been searching for the answers for so long now that I've forgotten what the questions were!

I know your course and the information is brilliant but I have yet to find the right key to open my own mind to it."

~ Jean T. from United Kingdom

Dramatically Changed My Life
Dramatically Changed My Life

"The free lessons of the American Monk have dramatically changed my life.

I was suffering from three serious health problems.
I have started a procedure to cure myself: I used to practice Daisy Pond daily, Power Catalyst 3 or 4 times a week and the theater of healing once a week.

After using only these three easy techniques, I was able to mostly cure myself within three months.

I am very thankful to Burt and his lessons."

~ Prashant Malik from India

Less Stressful Days, More Calm, Rested and Productive At Work.

"I was waking up at 3 a.m every night feeling anxious, worried, in physical pain from a car accident and unable to get back to sleep.

I had purchased products from Burt before, so I decided that this was a good time to listen to Burt's MindBox and do some reprogramming.

Within days I was getting more sleep, having less stressful days and becoming more calm, rested and productive at work.
After several weeks of doing the meditations, my anxiety and physical pain has now diminished and I am able to sleep through the night.

I have recommended the MindBox to several of my friends and associates."

~ Mavis Alexander from Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada

The Best On Self-Help!

"When I bought the MindBox, I wanted to change my negative thinking, which it did!

I really enjoyed the techniques for healing, which helped myself and my family members. I enjoy the meditations cause it helps me relax.
I have tried a lot of self-help meditation products but the MindBox is one of the best on self help.

I would highly recommend the MindBox and I do when people ask me.

I finally find that I am much more calmer, and clear in my mind."

~ Kathi Lawrence from Vernon, BC, Canada