Testimonials on Finding Happiness

I Have Changed
I Have Changed

"I'm a schoolteacher who travels over an hour each day to school. I'm always listening to my CD collection for company.

And then I found Burt Goldman's CDs.

I play them every day for months now and I have changed. I now know how to better handle a difficult relationship, how to set goals, how to use more of my mind, how to change my attitude when the day gets rough,...

Thanks a million. And I love the advice I get in my e-mails, keep it up."

~ Marsha Carey from Norco, California

Since Using The MindBox I Enjoy My Life More
Since Using The MindBox I Enjoy My Life More

"My goal was to boost my self-esteem and master my emotions. Since I using the MindBox I can say that I enjoy my life more. I worship every day and every moment. Burt has helped me to be my real Self.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone else. It's the good solution to improve your attitude towards various life-challenges.

I think Burt spreads José Silva´s word in a very useful and user friendly way and he helps people to really lead a fulfilling life."

~ Benjamin from Bochum, Germany

A Huge Change In My Life
A Huge Change In My Life

"THANK YOU BURT! Thank you for making a huge change in my life. I have, through the years, listened or attended various motivational classes. None have worked for me. Yours is truly the best and I see progress! Why? Because of the way you present the material. It's as if I am listening to a friend that wants to help me. You are so genuine in your presentation. I have purchased almost all of your programs and have found the MindBox series to be my favorite (so far).

As a result, I have become better organized and determined to complete projects. Then I started using the Chinese Labyrinth every day. It is located in my Barn/Office on the property, I keep it out to use the minute I walk into my office. Once I "walk" the Labyrinth, I feel energized and ready to work and complete projects. I have also set a time frame for completion.

What I think is even better, is my that my attitude has changed for the better. I look forward to the future and am working on shedding any and all negativity.

I would highly recommend MindBox to any one! It has made a very positive difference in my life. I am better organized and looking forward to a brighter future.

The lectures are easy to follow and interesting to listen to. Burt comes across as someone who really cares about helping others be the best they can. It's the way he presents the material, he makes it feel as if we're friends and he just wants to help. The meditations are wonderful and not very long. Which I like.

I love his energy, his caring way, his talents, and the gift he is giving to the world."

~ Karin Janin from Highland, New York

Great Program!

"I really enjoyed the material. I think Mr. Goldman translated beautifully many of the Eastern teachings and techniques to the West in a simple and clear language. Whatever he added from his own knowledge is blended into very valuable and coherent techniques for meditation.

I have been listening and practicing many of these techniques and I find them enjoyable and easy to follow.

I would recommend this material to anyone who wants a simple and effective method to improve their way of thinking and viewing the world and their life.

Thanks Burt"

~ Maria Maturana from San Diego

I Have Never Been Happier or Calmer

"I wanted to find Peace of Mind.

Since I have been meditating using the MindBox, I have become more focused. I have less fear about change and money.

Last winter and spring I was stressed,emotional and easily angered. I spent most of my time at work or asleep. I did not find pleasure in leaving the house. I needed help and I did not want medication. I believe we overuse medication to fix everything. Message are sent that drugs are always a good thing.

I turned to your MindBox products and I gradually became calmer and things seemed to flow easier. Shortly after an amazing job opportunity arose and I moved to Massachusetts.

I have never been happier or calmer. I still use the tapes when I begin to have self doubt or stress. They are perfect for me."

~ Bonny Huston from North Oxford, Mass

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

"Burt teaches with such simplicity and kindness. His teachings are easy to remember. When I attended his seminar in San Diego, I was impressed with how kind he was. He has so many examples to try. If one doesn't work right away maybe another one will. I feel so grateful that I found out about him.
Thank you."

~ virginia from orange county california USA


"The Mind Box Set is worth EVERY PENNY I paid for it! For all of you hesitating DON'T WAIT, get the relief you need NOW by purchasing it! I am putting the Quantum Jumping on my list of next purchases. I am CERTAIN I will be just as pleased with it! THANK YOU BURT! I absolutely appreciate YOU and THE MIND BOX! Once again, thanks and I look forward to getting Quantum Jumping...SOON!

Ellen M. Jensen"

~ Ellen M. Jensen from Hoboken,/Jersey City, NJ

It Expands My Understanding Of How The Mind Works

"The MindBox is a very comprehensive one and each time I read the material, I get new insights and each time it expands my understanding of how the mind works. I had bought a few books on meditation, but yours was the most useful.

The part that I found really useful is "the technique of polarization" switching your viewpoint to love and the five rules to happiness. This has been immensely useful for me and I keep using these techniques everyday for something or the other. I don't even have to go to alpha level in order to use them. In fact these techniques alone can be expanded so much, that it is worthy of a book by itself.

Recently I thought this technique to my sister, since she is a very short tempered person. She told me that she is now using this technique to get over her problem.

Thank you so much Mr Goldman."

~ Nirupama Venkateshwar from USA

I Will Use The MindBox's Information For A Lifetime

"I purchased the MindBox to give my daughter some helpful advice about feeling down and depressed. I found it very helpful in understanding the different difficulties we have in our lives.

I listened to the CD's on my road trips to different job's locations. I think I listened to them about six times so far!

The MindBox has information about all aspects of our lives and how to deal with life difficulties. I have really enjoyed the MindBox series and will probably use the information for a lifetime."

~ Charlie Vegter from Cardston, Alberta

This Is One Of THE BEST Systems I Have Ever Used

"The MindBox helped me improve the quality of my life. I have had trouble in the past with meditation and focus. I felt that this method would work so much better for me!

I would absolutely recommend it to others! I suggest that everyone try the free lessons for themselves!! Nearly everyone I've told has gotten them!

I absolutely love the Mindbox lessons! Every single one is wonderful. "The Daisy Pond" meditation is absolutely beautiful. And, I have been doing the "Walking The Star" everyday for the past 4 days and feel fantastic! This is one of THE BEST systems I have ever used and will look forward to any new products that may be coming out in the future."

~ Connie Ransom from Tacoma, WA

My Life Has Changed Because of Quantum Jumping

"I enjoyed the Quantum Jumping training and found that the course helps me focus and makes me better able to handle stressful situations. I have found tools that have helped me control situations so that they are in my favor. My wealth has also increased in unexpected ways. My husband uncovered a treasure trove of prints and etchings, my daughter received a scholarship, my work paid me a significant bonus, and we were finally able to sell a rental property. Looking at all of this, it is rather amazing how things have been simply coming our way since I began my journey at the end of October. As for my happiness, well, it's been infectious.

Thanks Burt!"

~ Laura from New York, NY