Testimonials on Losing Weight

I am No Longer Letting The Need For Instant Gratification Control Me.

"My goal was to be healthier and happier.

I know that this is a big intention but they are sort of related.
I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my left knee which often inhibits my movement in doing things I would like to do. I am also obese (something that has been hard for me to admit).

The MindBox gave me the wake up call I needed to face reality. Using the weight-loss section was a bit like getting a cold glass of water in the face but it was a good thing. I am no longer letting the need for instant gratification control me.

It also has helped me look at food as not the enemy and helps me decide what is nutritious for me.

With this I am walking a little better and my goal is to walk normal a little longer each day.

I would definitely recommend the MindBox to everyone. I like Burt's style. He is honest and clear about what you can do.

Keep up the good work. The MindBox simple to follow and easy to put into your routine."

~ Susan Moynahan from Canada

Outstanding Presentation Of Relaxation's Methods

"My goal was to loose weight and reduce my daily stress levels. My goals have been easily reached with the help and guidance of the MindBox.

I certainly would recommend the MindBox series to anyone interested.

I think it is an outstanding presentation of many varied methods of relaxation and trance states."

~ William McLean from Franklin