Testimonials on Manifesting

The American Monk Products Are Priceless!

"I wanted to utilize something to assist me with the inner personal challenges that I have been encountering in my life as well as obtain powerful tools for my spiritual enhancement.

For a long time, I was manifesting things, people and situation that I did not desire and truly wanted to change that.

I was aware of the principles of manifesting but needed a teacher who could guide me through this process with the skill and wisdom.

Mr. Goldman was the one. Now, whenever I am confronted with an obstacle or feel stuck in a state of negative mindset, I can utilize the valuable tools that have been entrusted in the MindBox series.

Using these precious tools have produced a series of new outcomes in my life and in the way I perceive my situations. We can change our outcomes using the right guidance and techniques.

I would definitely recommend the MindBox to someone else. The value and wisdom contained in those cd's are like precious gems.

The first time I played a Cd, I was deeply drawn to Mr. Goldman's heartfelt attempt to share all that he had accumulated over a lengthy period of his life.

The sincerity and honest intention to transfer this wisdom could be felt with each and every word spoken. His efforts to give us all of this vital knowledge comes across with conviction and genuine care for the recipients of the MindBox series.

The MindBox and other American Monk's products bridges the gap between religious dogmas and spiritual knowledge.

These products deliver a wealth of spiritual wisdom that first applies to one's inner life transformation which will inevitably impact the world out there in a way that religious teachings have failed to do thus far.

The American Monk products are priceless!"

~ Salma Abdool from Woodbridge, Canada

It Helps Taking Another Perspective Towards Life

"This material came to me by the law of attraction, or let's say by coincidence. I remember one day when I needed to improve the communication in my relationships, the next morning, I received an e-mail about the philosophical principle behind communication.

And whatever I needed,it came to me. The benefit of the Goldman Method is that you can take another perspective towards life. There's no need to strive when practicing the material,it is better to explore it."

~ Andrei Garcia

Every Day In Every Way I Keep Getting Better And Better.

"I already had a great life prior to the MindBox. I have always been into the Law of Attraction but continuously strive to move toward it.
Every day in every way I keep getting better and better.

I would recommend it to every one cause I'm impressed. I really enjoy the MindBox."

~ Ray Koob from Mazatlan, Mexico

The Techniques Works Very Well

"Last autumn I decided to try something I hadn't done before. I bought Burt Goldman's great Mindbox and tried it to see if one technique would help me with selecting winning scratch tickets. Well, it worked! I even did it again twice more! I was amazed. This definitely was proof for me that the technique works very well. One ticket may have been pure coincidence, but three in a row!
Another time, I had 5 winning scratch tickets in a row. Since August, I have done this many times and I have won many times!"

~ Mikael