Testimonials on Meditation Techniques

Burt Goldman Is #1 In The Field Of Self-Help

"The Goldman Method is the most practical, yet mysterious program for effectively using your mind for personal success. It's my job to study tools and strategies for personal-growth, and according to me, Burt Goldman is #1 in the field of Self-Help.

I'm the educational director for SpeedLearning Institute, an international licensor of accelerated learning techniques to colleges and corporations.

My background is law, and I was the business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading; we graduated 2 million, including the White House staff of four U.S. Presidents. We recommend the purchase of the Goldman Method materials to our graduate-students and executives because they are easy-to-implement, and effective.

"The Magic of Desire, Belief and Expectation", lucidly explains how to run your life instead of life running you. It helps you reduce stress so you can fulfill your potential. It does not create geniuses, but allows you to release your hardwired gifts and talents. His baby-easy approach to meditation caused me to stop twice-a-day to go to my Alpha level for 20 minutes. It permits you to access your own healing powers."

~ Hal Weschler from USA

The Very Important Part of Me is Back
The Very Important Part of Me is Back

"Some twelve years ago, I had the opportunity to read one book on Silva Method. I remember reading it in a hurry, feeling totally impressed and then continuing with the pressing problems of the 'real' life - so whatever came out of this reading, it didn't last.

After finishing my studies, I became a Doctor, but I have always had this artistic urge - I also have been illustrator and draftsman. I have somehow managed to keep those two sides of my life reasonably together.

Some six years after, I lost the urge to create, got lost in immediate needs. I felt that a very important part of me is missing. Even more, I couldn't make myself draw - somehow I felt blocked and powerless...
Although everything else worked fine for me, I felt this need to express myself artistically, and that part of me was blocked.

I read Burt Goldman's online course and started meditating daily, mostly using affirmations. Unbelievably I started drawing again! I am little bit afraid to say this aloud - I feel that very important part of me is back.

By removing mental block that was stopping me from being creative, I feel that I have done something equally important!

Thank you, Burt! You have done something great for me!"

~ Riste Sekuloski from Macedonia

It Changes My Perception Of - Literally - Everything
It Changes My Perception Of - Literally - Everything

"Consistent use Burt's teachings - in listening to and thinking about the lectures, and in participating in the meditations - has been of benefit in many aspects of my life. One of the greatest is the results that come from committing to, and sticking with, "the practice." We tend to think of "habits" as mindless, bad things - but the habit of practicing with Burt's teachings is the opposite - mindful, and very, very good!

Without a doubt, my favorite exercise is the Daisy Pond. I am a small business owner; my days are typically hectic and taking a few minutes in the middle of the day to swim and float in that magical place changes my perception of - literally - everything. It is a sensual and psychological oasis!

My ability to focus is stronger. My intuition is higher, my interactions with the people around me are more mindful. What I love about Burt's program is how well it integrates with other practices in my life, such as the study of quantum mechanics and working with Jungian archetypes...Burt's teachings are, in some respects, a synthesis of all of those other paths."

~ Linda Anger from Rochester Hills, Michigan

More Positive & Composed
More Positive & Composed

"In the MindBox, I enjoy being guided by Burt to my alpha level on the CDs, which I listen to often.

I am able to carry over this relaxed feeling into my work day, which is very helpful. The changes have been subtle, but gratifying.

I'm more relaxed, more focused on my goals (and) less critical of others. I've mostly banished guilt as a useless emotion. I worry less. In general, I'm more positive and composed, thanks to Burt."

~ Bill Dahl from Rancho Cordova, California

They Give Me Hope & Inspiration...
They Give Me Hope & Inspiration...

"Thank you for your generous gift of your email...

I always save them in a folder and when I have the time I will dive into the folder to just get a hit of inspiration. Your emails are like a friend that checks up on me and says how are you doing?

Are you meditating regularly? Are you remembering to be in contact with the divine? They give me hope and inspiration that I can create the world I want."

~ Kathy Hoyer from USA

The Best Self Improvement Method In My Life
The Best Self Improvement Method In My Life

"I was looking for a self-improvement product that could be used in any situation in life, and I found what I was looking for in The Mindbox. It has dozens of easy ways to improve your life. I listen to it in my car, as I drive at least 2-3 hours daily. I am able to utilize this time listening to the CD's, and then I meditate with the meditation tracks at home. I have listened to the entire Mindbox at least 6 times so far.

I am using many of the techniques:
- The Thought Stopping technique comes in handy when I am trying to go to sleep and thoughts keep popping in my head.
- The Magic Star is incredulous - I am going to put numbered tiles of the Magic Star in the garden of my new home, so I can walk The Star outside, and I can't wait to teach my grandson how to do this.

There are so many techniques in this program - it is exciting to me just thinking of how I can use the different ones. I am really glad I purchased this program!

I have and will continue to recommend The Mindbox to my friends and family. It is the best self improvement method I have come across in my life.

I think The American Monk products are fabulous resources for those of us interested in self improvement and reaching our full abilities and capabilities in this life."

~ Michelle Nicholas from Temple, Georgia

Great Program!

"I really enjoyed the material. I think Mr. Goldman translated beautifully many of the Eastern teachings and techniques to the West in a simple and clear language. Whatever he added from his own knowledge is blended into very valuable and coherent techniques for meditation.

I have been listening and practicing many of these techniques and I find them enjoyable and easy to follow.

I would recommend this material to anyone who wants a simple and effective method to improve their way of thinking and viewing the world and their life.

Thanks Burt"

~ Maria Maturana from San Diego

Wonderful Results, Really Amazing Actually
Wonderful Results, Really Amazing Actually

"I am working through some major changes in my life. I am recently separated from my husband of 18 years, I'm attending school to become an herbalist, and later a massage therapist. I am heavily in debt due to the stock market's fall and the fact that I was my family's sole financial support. I am attempting to make these positive changes to relieve the mental anguish that I suffered for so many years, a severe lack of ego strength, and other issues, as well as create a better life for myself and my children.

The MindBox has been wonderful to listen to. I often listen to it while I am out on long walks, and sometimes at bed time I listen to the meditation tracks. I have listened to some of the tracks many times and feel I need to absorb them before I move on to the further ones. Burt's voice is so soothing that it really relaxes me and enables me to listen and absorb a lot of his information and techniques.

The personal "magnet" technique has had pretty wonderful effects, really amazing actually. I have found the lessons and meditations extremely useful especially the Bagha and Bagha Duo techniques."

~ Ellen Santistevan from New Mexico, USA

Ability To Gain The Alpha Level Quickly & Easily

"The main benefit I've received from the MindBox is the ability to gain the alpha level quickly and easily and the faculty to "imagine" easily.

The 3-2-1 Method is as efficient as it gets! Also, just hearing Burt's voice when I start my alpha sessions really gets me in an alpha mode mood! The information Burt Goldman gives is excellent, and I've had many light bulb moments.

Burt Goldman is really great. After all I've said, I really believe in him. I got a feeling that the key is there. I'm glad I have the course."

~ Callie L. from Honolulu, Hawaii

I Have Found My Inner Calm Again

"I think I have stumbled upon the American Monk by providence or serendipity.

I had come to a point in my life where I was lost.....having trouble sleeping, thinking, coping with day to day issues. I could maintain only as long as I was focused on someone else's problems but the moment I was idle, my 'ghosts' would come back to haunt me.

I bought the MindBox and I am glad I did.
I have found my inner calm again and created my own "off switch" so I can turn off my mind and get some sleep.

My oldest grandson is six years old. He was diagnosed with ADHD. He is a bright, funny, imaginative kid but he has self-control issues. He sometimes cried and told me that he hated me and wished it would not happen.

I promised him that I would find a way to make it better...and I did...with the MindBox program.

I took what I learned from it and adapted it to fit his needs.

He now has a button in the roof of his mouth that puts him in his quiet place.It's been a little over four months without incident. I showed him a picture of a daisy so he'd know what to picture. Then, I taught him the Daisy Pond exercise to help him relax so he can get to sleep at night.

I'm still learning and am truly getting better and better.

I would recommend The MindBox to others and I have... The methods are well explained and guided so that you actually "know" what you are doing...
You are not guessing the procedures and hoping you are getting it right.

I can reach the Alpha state in the snap of my fingers. I had never meditated before and I did not understand what was suppose to be happening while I was going through the motions....

Now I do.

You have helped more people than you could ever imagine. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

~ Nancy Pfeifer from Goldsboro, NC

Indespensible Meditation For Those Eager To Find Peace Of Mind

"I’ve been meditating for years and practiced various methods from Transcendental Meditation, Hong Sau and Kriya Yoga but my all time favorite has been the Daisy Pond guided meditation. I find this guided meditation, with repeated practice, brings me greater longer lasting peace of mind than any of the other meditations mentioned up above. Would I recommend this guided meditation to others? You bet I would. It is an indispensable meditation for those eager to find peace of mind in a world filled with so much turmoil."

~ Rick Blanda

I Just Started The First Lesson... INCREDIBLE!

"I just wanted to let you know that I just started the first lesson... INCREDIBLE! I was so happy when Burt instructed me to “pretend” that I can’t lift my hands, then to try and lift them. I tried, but couldn’t!

Wow... I was excited by that alone, not to mention when I was close to opening the door leading to the Daisy Pond! I actually became a little saddened when it was time to walk back through the hallway and go back up the stairs. I thought to myself "I’m not ready to leave!” The great thing is, the more I meditate with the help of the Daisy Pond, I’ll be able to go there whenever I wanted!"

~ Trevanne from USA

We Love The MindBox Series

"My husband and I wanted to meditate and learn how to calm ourselves during various types of stress.

We LOVE using The MindBox series. We take turns chosing which CD we will listen before going to bed. We have definitely noticed a difference in how we handle the challenges of our lives. Thanks for everything!

We definitely recommend The MindBox to others. People have stress in their lives and learning new ways to help deal with it would be beneficial to anyone.

Burt's stories are wonderful, and we know most of them by heart."

~ Andrea Dorfner from Voorhees, New Jersey

Thank You Is An Inadequate Term To Express my Gratitude
Thank You Is An Inadequate Term To Express my Gratitude

"A higher level of consciousness has begun to set in, thanks to the MindBox.

You see, most times when we hear the Inner Voice that speaks to us in the silence of our thoughts we tend to neglect it. Then comes along someone like Burt Goldman. I listen to Burt early each morning at dawn.

Immediately after my meditation, I listen to the voice of Mr. Goldman and the connection is immediate. The wisdom therein opens up new dimensions that are simply phenomenal. Mr. Goldman's teaching takes me closer to the most precious gem that we are all blessed with but which we seldom touch upon - The Being that is inside us all.

I cannot stay away for a single day without the reassuring and knowledgeable voice of Mr. Goldman. I am grateful to him for marrying technology with his immense knowledge and spiritual insight to bring to ordinary men and women like me who thirst for a glimpse into what or who we are."

~ Bobby Menon from India

The MindBox Helped Me to Balance My Lifestyle

"I wanted to improve meditation techniques especially for goal setting. I wanted to be on an emotional, spiritual, physical or material focus.

The MindBox has helped in speeding my point of focus. It's given me the techniques to "STOP", slow right down and see the situation for what it really is, at that point in time. Not later sitting down for meditation but right here and now! The MindBox is VERY useful.

I absolutely recommend this product. Especially for someone that has been meditating and needs to "fine tune" their intentions. This will get you way ahead in double quick time.

The MindBox is great. It's certainly helped me to balance my lifestyle. It is well presented and straight to the point."

~ Jose Coelho from Johannesburg, South Africa

Quest To Discover Life Purpose

"For the last few years I've been on a quest to discover life purpose, God, energy, and to understand the science and spirit of who we are. My goal for learning from the MindBox series was for overall self improvement and increased knowledge. I had known of the MindBox and was curious about it.

Four weeks ago I broke my ankle from a silly fall at work. Instinctively, I knew I had caused this harm to myself. So it sounded odd to me when people called it an "accident". I didn't know or understand the reasoning behind my "accident" but I knew it was no accident. The doctor ordered me off my feet for four weeks, so I took this opportunity to study the MindBox series. I wasted no time in placing the order!

My month off my feet is up on Tuesday (two more days), at which time I can return to work. This morning I practised the Magic Square (on crutches) for the first time. I have come to believe that I needed the four weeks to remove myself from a very long standing stressful work environment. I work with children who have been permanently removed from the care of their parents.

The MindBox has helped me identify the stress I live in every day while at work. It has also helped me to open myself to other possible positions both inside and outside the organization. The MindBox has helped me to create some long term goals and recognize the source of my stagnation. The MindBox has also given me resources to help me protect myself from the negative emotional energies that I will face once again when I return to work.

When I began listening to the CD's, the sense that I already knew this material overwhelmed me. It was like Burt was reminding me of long forgotten common sense. As the CD's continued though, new material was also discovered. I have come to accept that I absorb the energy around me and I need to separate that from my own. I feel I've developed my psychic ability to some degree and that I can trust what I sense now.

I have already recommended the MindBox to a coworker. She had heard of the American Monk. When I return to work, I expect that others will see the changes I've made and I will let them know where the credit is due and if they would like, I will direct them to the American Monk's material.

The American Monk is real. The techniques although they sound weird are real. I believe someday when we have a better understanding of quantum physics we will see the techniques as natural. We will look back on this time period and recognize we were in our infancy in understanding the bigger picture."

~ Barb McLean from Peace River, Alberta, Canada

The Techniques I am Learning Are Amazing

"I'm very pleased with my purchase. I am finding the material fascinating. The techniques I am learning are amazing and the results are automatic.

I highly recommend the mind box, especially those who feel they need a change.

Thank you for empowering me."

~ Robert Hall from Gaithersburg, MD.

It Makes Me Feel So Wonderful

"I bought the Mind Box and let it sit on a shelf for about 8 months. I am now using the programs daily.

I love the way Burt explains everything so that I can put what he says to work. I love the Daisy Pond Meditation. It just makes me feel so wonderful and I have a sense of peace afterwards. I have severe depression due to the death of my husband. I am listening to the CD about depression and it is really helping me. I am just at peace when I listen to all of his tapes

My goal is to get my life on track and be happy and productive once again.

I would recommend this and all his other programs. I have already recommended it to all my friends. Some have purchased it and they love it to.

Burt's style of communication is absolutely wonderful. His voice just flows through the lectures and the meditations. It is comforting to listen to him."

~ Alanna Mejias from Texas

My Portable Help Center

"I needed to de-stress my life and find a way to determine my limitations so I could grow and be happy. The MindBox program is a series of small lectures and meditations that I learned to use quickly and quite successfully. I call it "my portable help center".

This program works so well for me that I have recommended it many times to friends and other people that I feel will benefit from the information and practices. Through the help in MindBox, I have learned to relax and to think more clearly from a relaxed mind.

I have a number of Burt's programs and I value each one of them. I use all of the programs as I need the subject I choose. I allow the programs to be an important opportunity in my life."

~ A Q Finley from Rake Iowa

The MindBox Really Works!

"My goal was to bring more "Me" time and relaxation into my life. By using the MindBox, I have managed to achieve this.

I love the meditation, I use them to relax at night. I love the Bagha -- it really works! I enjoy having this program at hand. It's great to be able to use it anytime that's convenient for me.

I would recommend the MindBox to everyone. This is a program that can improve your quality of life even if you don't have problems.

The MindBox really works!!"

~ Vivette from South Africa

Useful And Effective
Useful And Effective

"I am from India and have learned the meditation techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

I find your lessons very useful and effective and the techniques that you have been teaching have helped me a lot in relieving stress and making life more smooth."

~ Raju Abraham from India

Got My Life Back On Track

"I took a Silva Mind Control class in Chicago back around 1970. I had practically forgotten most of what I had learnt until I chanced upon your free online classes.

They have been very beneficial to me. Thank you for reminding me to get my life back on track. I print out every lesson you send me. The ones I need the most I constantly refer to. Every morning and night I use your 3 to 1 method and see myself on my theater screen enjoying my hearts desire. I know it works because I have done it before."

~ Janie L. Johnson from Chicago, USA

Helps You To Relax & Get In Touch With Your Real Self
Helps You To Relax & Get In Touch With Your Real Self

"My goal for using the MindBox was to learn how to deal with problems that are on the outside by getting in tune with my inner being.

I use the Daisy Pond and Center Stage most frequently and believe me it really helps you to relax and get in touch with your real self.

I do not get inundated with politics anymore because if I can control my thoughts and emotions, politics have little or nothing to do with the personal world that I am creating for myself.

My financial situation is constantly changing for the better. People are now willing to assist me at achieving financial freedom and I am amazed at how cheerful they are while helping me.

It seems miraculous to me. I simply meditate and picture these people smiling when I call them, and it works every single time.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone who wants to experience living on a higher level of conscious, learn how the mind works, and the effect that positive thinking has on situations and relationships. Great product !!!"

~ Lofton Tucker from Fort Worth Texas

This Is One Of THE BEST Systems I Have Ever Used

"The MindBox helped me improve the quality of my life. I have had trouble in the past with meditation and focus. I felt that this method would work so much better for me!

I would absolutely recommend it to others! I suggest that everyone try the free lessons for themselves!! Nearly everyone I've told has gotten them!

I absolutely love the Mindbox lessons! Every single one is wonderful. "The Daisy Pond" meditation is absolutely beautiful. And, I have been doing the "Walking The Star" everyday for the past 4 days and feel fantastic! This is one of THE BEST systems I have ever used and will look forward to any new products that may be coming out in the future."

~ Connie Ransom from Tacoma, WA

It Helps Me to Overcome The Stress

"It helps me to relax when things get stressful.

At work, all I have to do is take a deep breath and tell myself to relax. At home I do the same thing when things get stressful with my children. Then, I read some of the tips and follow that.

I love the mind tips. They are informative and helpful and I will be applying them in getting my business going. We can never be fully stress-free but we definitely do not need to be over-stressed and with your mind tips and your free online course it helps me to overcome the stress and have a more perspective on life and see that I can accomplish anything."

~ Lois G. from USA

Enjoyed Every Bit Of It
Enjoyed Every Bit Of It

"The new Daisy Pond is just wonderful – it has improved a lot and especially the nice background music made it very appealing. Thank you so much Burt. Enjoyed every bit of it."

~ Fatima

Put Things Into Perspective For Me

"My goal for using the MindBox was to help me with my concentration and focus during meditation.

I am able to obtain a better meditation state now. I do know that the lessons from the American Monk put some things into perspective for me."

~ Andrew Shoreman from Cumbria, England

Much Easier To Relax And Fall Asleep

"I really did not know what to expect when I got started and I was only somewhat interested in meditation. After trying the methods, I have found it much easier to relax and fall asleep. That is a big thing for me due to my job on the graveyard shift.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone that expresses an interest in meditation."

~ John

Very Profound Concepts In A Very Simple Language

"Burt has the power to explain very profound concepts in a very simple language.
The meditation exercises that come with every lessons ensure that I'm not just hearing about it. I'm actually doing it. One-of-a-kind."

~ Wong Cheong Wey from Singapore

Daisy Pond Technique Is Very Soothing

"Personally, I find the Daisy Pond technique very soothing but all the others techniques are also interesting.

In my opinion, overall the MindBox is very useful/helpful to psychologists and counselors.

The MindBox is adaptable, informative, gives one own self analysis. It enriches ones own personality."

~ K.Panduranga Nayak from Bangalore, India

It Can Transform Your Life

"I was battling an addiction for years and years. Thanks to the MindBox, my level of meditations are deeper and I feel more in peace

The exercises contained in the MindBox are simple and very valuable. When they are done consistently, it can transform your life

They are well worth it. Everyone should use it!"

~ John Filipe from Toronto

The Meditations Are Great - The Daisy Pond Is a Delight!

"My aim is to improve my understanding and ability to improve certain areas of my life and especially relationships.

I find Burt's voice and manner very comforting (and not at all irritating - very important if you are to keep listening!!) The insights in his talks are very profound yet simple to take on board. The meditations are great - the Daisy Pond is a delight!"

~ Pauline Shearer from Buckinghamshire UK

Challenge The Mind to Think "Outside The Box"

"My goal for using MindBox was to get an idea of how to challenge the mind to think "outside the box" of its "normal" way of thinking and to obtain a higher level of thinking and/or develop a unique way of thinking to reach higher goals.

I would definitely recommend the Mindbox to people. Because I would like for everyone to prosper from learning how to think clearly and effectively.

I think Mindbox is an excellent source to help develop the mind thoughts."

~ Laura Benson from Gadsden, AL, USA