Testimonials on Overcome Depression

It's An Excellent Value And Worth Purchasing

"My goal was to come to terms with my life, which changed dramatically when my husband died.

In this context, I have found The MindBox invaluable. I now feel more relaxed, I can once again take myself to alpha level easily and just allow my body and mind to heal.

I would recommend it because the MindBox covers all eventualities that people might need help with.

I listened to the whole series of lectures and scripts, even though I didn't feel that some applied to me at that moment in time. Nevertheless, I found putting the whole package together and listening to each in turn created a firm foundation from which to work on myself.

It's definitely an excellent value and worth purchasing."

~ Christine Burns from Bracknell, Berkshire, UK

I Understand Depression Better And I'm Changing My Attitude

"I am still going through the MindBox but want to thank you especially for the techniques on grieving which have been incredibly helpful to me. A good friend of mine pass away recently. Her death was such a shock and so unexpected. I still had so much to say and so many regrets. So now I visit her in the spirit world and its been an incredible experience.

My life has been very challenging lately, moving constantly from one country to another, and changing life situations had me in deep depression and feeling so hopeless. I was being so hard on myself, but now I understand depression better and am changing my attitude, creating all these challenges as exciting new adventures.

Now I am excited about all the possibilities and changing my attitude there as well.

The MindBox has so much great information. Many thanks."

~ Sheryl Saunders from Istanbul

It Makes Me Feel So Wonderful

"I bought the Mind Box and let it sit on a shelf for about 8 months. I am now using the programs daily.

I love the way Burt explains everything so that I can put what he says to work. I love the Daisy Pond Meditation. It just makes me feel so wonderful and I have a sense of peace afterwards. I have severe depression due to the death of my husband. I am listening to the CD about depression and it is really helping me. I am just at peace when I listen to all of his tapes

My goal is to get my life on track and be happy and productive once again.

I would recommend this and all his other programs. I have already recommended it to all my friends. Some have purchased it and they love it to.

Burt's style of communication is absolutely wonderful. His voice just flows through the lectures and the meditations. It is comforting to listen to him."

~ Alanna Mejias from Texas

I Will Use The MindBox's Information For A Lifetime

"I purchased the MindBox to give my daughter some helpful advice about feeling down and depressed. I found it very helpful in understanding the different difficulties we have in our lives.

I listened to the CD's on my road trips to different job's locations. I think I listened to them about six times so far!

The MindBox has information about all aspects of our lives and how to deal with life difficulties. I have really enjoyed the MindBox series and will probably use the information for a lifetime."

~ Charlie Vegter from Cardston, Alberta

Lifted Me From Depression

"The MindBox lifted me from depression and helped me feel more comfortable around other people.

The MindBox covers a great depth of topics. If there is something in your life that you want to change then the MindBox has something to help you change it.

It is great!"

~ Geoffrey Russell from Nuneaton, United Kingdom