Testimonials on Peace Of Mind

Subsequent Inspiration I Receive In All Areas Of My Life
Subsequent Inspiration I Receive In All Areas Of My Life

"I found your site by surfing - and have been practicing going to level since.

The feelings I get when "at level" are peaceful and calming... and the subsequent inspiration I receive in all areas of my life continues to astound me.

I just want to thank you for being a great tour guide to a higher life."

~ Montana Gray from California

I am Now Emotionally Independent Of Different Relationships In My Life
I am Now Emotionally Independent Of Different Relationships In My Life

"My goal with the MindBox was to improve my mindset in my personal life from having a negative, defeating attitude into being a more positive and calmer person and being in control of my emotions. Burt's teachings helped me to accomplish this.

All my life, I have been around negative people, family and friends programming my mind and letting them 'get to me.' Now I am emotionally independent of the bad relationships in my life."

~ Maria Markogiannis from New York City

Simple & Excellent!
Simple & Excellent!

"I have used the MindBox to improve my life, to find peace and serenity in spite of external events, to view life and circumstances with a positive frame of mind, to make that a reality and not just a goal.

I would recommend the MindBox to everyone. It is easy to listen to, includes succinct exercises, and anyone can use them. Simple and excellent!"

~ Maria Bastas from Australia

Aiding My Inner Spirit Back Into Balance.[*]
Aiding My Inner Spirit Back Into Balance.[*]

"Aloha Mr. Goldman, My goal for taking your lesson is to find balance once again with my inner self. I have been going through tremendous stress for a long time and felt as though my spirituality was slipping away. Because of the stress I have been living with, negativity surrounds me and I know that I can do something about, but lost the focus to accomplish this. I know I needed help.

Yesterday I felt stressed about my financial situation, I got lost inside of my stress and fears. I then made a commitment to really give your lessons a try. I followed your guidance in lesson 1, and WOW! The inner peace and serenity I felt was powerful. I then realized how long it has been since I felt that way. Well needless to say my financial problems didn't just disappear, but I wasn't consumed by the negative affects of it. The rest of my day and night was beautiful and blissful.

I am definitely going to pass this gift on to friends and family. I also asked my boyfriend to experience lesson 1 with me. Thank you so much for aiding me and my inner spirit back into balance."

~ Rondalynn from Kailua Kona,Hawaii

I Finally Feel I've Found What Works For Me

"I'm very happy with the MindBox and have even created a 'tool' for myself - "My Cloak of Calmness". It's for those days that go wrong from the moment you get up in the morning and you probably should have stayed in bed.

I love all the training,talks and meditations I've used so far. In fact I'm seriously considering selling off my 'collection' of self improvement books, cd's, tapes and courses.

I feel I can get on with my life now just using your simple and effective methods. From all the many things I've used, I finally feel I've found one that works for me. I just wanted a simple user manual for my mind and thanks to you, I have it now.

One day soon, when I will have completed my goals, I will become what I believe I was intended to be in my life: Coach/Counsellor.
I will finally preach my ultimate goal thanks to the Mindbox and you Burt."

~ Olma Feneck from New Zealand

Alleviating Stress & Becoming More Centered

"My goal with using the MindBox was to find a means of alleviating stress and finding inner peace. The meditations have helped me enormously, not only in alleviating stress and becoming more centered, but also in enjoying more harmonious relationships on the job. I have also found gradual physical relief for daily aches and pains associated with arthritis.

I would recommend The American Monk to family and friends because of the changes I am finding in my life. I would hope that everyone could take advantage of this exceptional program and path to becoming the best that one can be."

~ Roberta Culver from Alexandria, VA

They Help Me to Change My Mind on A Lot of Daily Life Issues

"With the MindBox, I wanted to learn to think differently, to live my life to a higher degree. I wanted to learn how to meditate on a daily basis.

Now, I use the MindBox almost every day. I set my own goals and the MindBox help me stay focused on what I want to accomplish that day. They help me to change my mind on a lot of daily life issues and to see events differently than I use to.

A lot of people think they already know how the mind works, how to deal with the emotional issues of life,... but the MindBox really helps us to improve our quality of life!

I really enjoy listening to the MindBox. I like Burt's tone of voice and the different sequences of the MindBox."

~ John L Stevens from Saginaw Mi.

I Have Been Able to Gain New Levels of Tolerance & Acceptance For Issues

"My goal for using the MindBox was variable.

I wanted to make available to myself more resources that would enable me to have better control over my thoughts and therefore my mind. I wanted to experiment with new healing methods, to produce better attitudes to problems, and to have access to better manifestation methods.

Within 2 weeks of using the MindBox, I gained knowledge into new ways of gaining self-confidence, learning basic principles of spirituality (for a Western and Scientific mind like mine), and using guided meditation to get a better handle of major problems affect me in my daily living.

I have been able to gain new levels of tolerance and acceptance for issues that would otherwise irritate or annoy me. The learning will stay with me forever.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone who is serious about learning new methods of gaining self-confidence, mental calm and control, career success, dealing with change, and so on.

What I especially like about this excellent resource is the fact that it has been created by Burt Goldman.

I have great respect for his views about spirituality and the practical approaches to life. He has shared with us his exceptional skills he learned in Paramhamsa Yogananda’s Institute, NLP, Silva meditation, Law of Attraction, Self-Hypnosis, Psychic Healing and the like. What the user will like about the tools is the fact that all these skills have been beautifully blended. I don’t know where anyone could find such a plethora of skills and leanings anywhere in one location.

I have so far only used the MindBox. Every meditation (there are over 40 of them covering most, if not all, aspects of human living) uses interesting, adventurous and simple to understand examples and metaphors for making positive changes, be it for self-confidence, mastery of emotions or gaining a deeper understanding of practical spirituality."

~ Nick L. from Nadi, Fiji Islands

I Have Never Been Happier or Calmer

"I wanted to find Peace of Mind.

Since I have been meditating using the MindBox, I have become more focused. I have less fear about change and money.

Last winter and spring I was stressed,emotional and easily angered. I spent most of my time at work or asleep. I did not find pleasure in leaving the house. I needed help and I did not want medication. I believe we overuse medication to fix everything. Message are sent that drugs are always a good thing.

I turned to your MindBox products and I gradually became calmer and things seemed to flow easier. Shortly after an amazing job opportunity arose and I moved to Massachusetts.

I have never been happier or calmer. I still use the tapes when I begin to have self doubt or stress. They are perfect for me."

~ Bonny Huston from North Oxford, Mass

Got My Life Back On Track

"I took a Silva Mind Control class in Chicago back around 1970. I had practically forgotten most of what I had learnt until I chanced upon your free online classes.

They have been very beneficial to me. Thank you for reminding me to get my life back on track. I print out every lesson you send me. The ones I need the most I constantly refer to. Every morning and night I use your 3 to 1 method and see myself on my theater screen enjoying my hearts desire. I know it works because I have done it before."

~ Janie L. Johnson from Chicago, USA

I Forged A Stronger Relationship With My Family
I Forged A Stronger Relationship With My Family

"While there were several goals related to ordering the MindBox, the primary reason was related to personal growth, health and relationships.

I was looking for a way to relax, and "get in touch" with myself as well as forge a stronger relationship with my family.

I would definitely recommend it as well as the website.

Great products! I appreciate and fully support the goals and mission of The American Monk :-)"

~ David DeHaven from Fincastle, VA

The Best On Self-Help!

"When I bought the MindBox, I wanted to change my negative thinking, which it did!

I really enjoyed the techniques for healing, which helped myself and my family members. I enjoy the meditations cause it helps me relax.
I have tried a lot of self-help meditation products but the MindBox is one of the best on self help.

I would highly recommend the MindBox and I do when people ask me.

I finally find that I am much more calmer, and clear in my mind."

~ Kathi Lawrence from Vernon, BC, Canada

It Can Transform Your Life

"I was battling an addiction for years and years. Thanks to the MindBox, my level of meditations are deeper and I feel more in peace

The exercises contained in the MindBox are simple and very valuable. When they are done consistently, it can transform your life

They are well worth it. Everyone should use it!"

~ John Filipe from Toronto

I Am Expanding My Spiritual Awareness

"I am expanding my spiritual awareness and the MindBox recordings are extremely helpful, in that they spring a new perspective and new openings with each use. The techniques are so helpful in every way.

I would recommend the MindBox to everyone looking for more awareness and peace of mind

They are terrific! Thank you."

~ Suzanne from Pompano Beach Florida