Testimonials on Positive Thinking

Gave Me Tremendous Power & Energy
Gave Me Tremendous Power & Energy

"It is great! My life has changed! You helped me to convert my miserable life into a much better life! No, I did not win a lottery. It is much better: I found you...!

It can get only better and better every day! Your method gave me power and endless source of energy to do my work and help others!"

~ Gabriela Pielarska from Toronto, Canada

I Use Your Method for Acheiving Goals
I Use Your Method for Acheiving Goals

"I did your free on-line course and then purchased your course of CDs, which you sent me together with your book.

I am a fan of yours and I have referred other to your free on-line course, some of whom have thanked me.

I am 86 years of age, enjoying good health, widowed two years ago, and lead a very active life in my (Catholic) Church Parish and in Toastmasters (World wide Public Speaking Club network emanating from the USA). I use your method for achieving goals.

At present I am about to appear on Saturday 21st October in a Public Speaking Contest, and I am "programming" to win."

~ Stan Blackford from Australia

More Positive & Composed
More Positive & Composed

"In the MindBox, I enjoy being guided by Burt to my alpha level on the CDs, which I listen to often.

I am able to carry over this relaxed feeling into my work day, which is very helpful. The changes have been subtle, but gratifying.

I'm more relaxed, more focused on my goals (and) less critical of others. I've mostly banished guilt as a useless emotion. I worry less. In general, I'm more positive and composed, thanks to Burt."

~ Bill Dahl from Rancho Cordova, California

Effective Techniques for Improving the Quality of Your Life
Effective Techniques for Improving the Quality of Your Life

"Burt converts his profound understanding of metaphysics and how the mind works into simple, effective techniques for improving the quality of your life."

~ Mandy Bass from Miami, Florida

I Am Now Able To Look Upon My Daily Negatives In Positive Light
I Am Now Able To Look Upon My Daily Negatives In Positive Light

"In a nutshell, you've changed my life.

I'm only 16 and yet through your meditation program and stress relief methods, I am now able to look upon my daily negatives in a better positive light.

Boring aspects of my life such as college and general blues have gently disappeared and are now replaced with a desire to motivate myself to thrive in life and attain my dreams..

So thank you for making this teenager value life!"

~ Matt H. from USA

Simple & Excellent!
Simple & Excellent!

"I have used the MindBox to improve my life, to find peace and serenity in spite of external events, to view life and circumstances with a positive frame of mind, to make that a reality and not just a goal.

I would recommend the MindBox to everyone. It is easy to listen to, includes succinct exercises, and anyone can use them. Simple and excellent!"

~ Maria Bastas from Australia

I am Now Emotionally Independent Of Different Relationships In My Life
I am Now Emotionally Independent Of Different Relationships In My Life

"My goal with the MindBox was to improve my mindset in my personal life from having a negative, defeating attitude into being a more positive and calmer person and being in control of my emotions. Burt's teachings helped me to accomplish this.

All my life, I have been around negative people, family and friends programming my mind and letting them 'get to me.' Now I am emotionally independent of the bad relationships in my life."

~ Maria Markogiannis from New York City

A Huge Change In My Life
A Huge Change In My Life

"THANK YOU BURT! Thank you for making a huge change in my life. I have, through the years, listened or attended various motivational classes. None have worked for me. Yours is truly the best and I see progress! Why? Because of the way you present the material. It's as if I am listening to a friend that wants to help me. You are so genuine in your presentation. I have purchased almost all of your programs and have found the MindBox series to be my favorite (so far).

As a result, I have become better organized and determined to complete projects. Then I started using the Chinese Labyrinth every day. It is located in my Barn/Office on the property, I keep it out to use the minute I walk into my office. Once I "walk" the Labyrinth, I feel energized and ready to work and complete projects. I have also set a time frame for completion.

What I think is even better, is my that my attitude has changed for the better. I look forward to the future and am working on shedding any and all negativity.

I would highly recommend MindBox to any one! It has made a very positive difference in my life. I am better organized and looking forward to a brighter future.

The lectures are easy to follow and interesting to listen to. Burt comes across as someone who really cares about helping others be the best they can. It's the way he presents the material, he makes it feel as if we're friends and he just wants to help. The meditations are wonderful and not very long. Which I like.

I love his energy, his caring way, his talents, and the gift he is giving to the world."

~ Karin Janin from Highland, New York

Easy to Understand With Down-to-Earth Logic

"I feel your course is perfect just the way you have written it. It covers so many topics and each one is quite interesting and motivational, yet easy to understand with down-to-earth logic.

It doesn't get any better than that! Each lesson had something of value to learn about. Your ideas were well presented and thought-provoking."

~ Debra Richards from USA

Increased My Abilities As A Healer

"The Mindbox has given me new tools to deal with challenges that come up in my life. It doesn't seem to matter what the issue is, I can find a solution amongst the many different recordings in the MindBox. Burt is such an wonderful speaker that even just listening to his voice has a calming effect. I always listen to the training talk while traveling and the time just seems to fly by, and I am being educated at the same time.

I think the MindBox is wonderful. I have developed new skills and have increased my abilities as a Healer."

~ Lois Lovegrove from Australia

Transforming My Life Into a More Positive "Alternate" Version of My Life

"My hope in purchasing The MindBox was to gain greater mastery over my own mind and greater ability to set my own course in life. Although it has only been a few short weeks since I began listening to the MindBox tracks I have been transforming my life into a more positive "alternate" version of my life, of my choosing.

The MindBox is reawakening my belief in a bright future for myself and my family. New possibilities are opening up in my life."

~ Joshua Bentley from Holts Summit, Missouri

Now I Can Observe What Is Going On In My Mind

"I have spent about the past year reprogramming my mind to get whatever I want. I am still doing the exercises, and I have accomplished several of them already.

It has not been easy, since my mind was full of negative patterns, and sometimes they still pop up. But now I can observe what is going on in my mind, and I can cancel the bad thought and put the one I want. I have been successful in doing this. I am enjoying the process of discovering how powerful I can be.

Keep sending me the Goldman tips - I use them and pass them to friends."

~ Maria Laurent from USA

Very Interesting And Of Practical Significance

"I have found the contents of your MindBox lessons very interesting and of practical significance. They are an harmonious blend of modern neurology, human psychology and spirituality.

Although I'm retired and not facing the stress and strains of a working life, your writings have left a positive influence on me."

~ Radheshyam from India

I'm Becoming More Enlightened

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your series and feel that every time I receive and read a new lesson, I'm becoming more enlightened.

The MindBox has helped me become a more positive person. The material you cover in each lesson are issues that everyone can relate to.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Your generosity and contributions to everyone is very much appreciated."

~ J.L. Dome from USA

The MindBox Helped Me To Change My Attitude and Actions

"The MindBox helped me to change my attitude and actions in many areas of my life in only one weekend. I am looking forward to applying other topics presented in this program. The MindBox presented much more information than expected. A pleasant surprise!"

~ Greg Richardson from Kansas City, MO, USA

I Forged A Stronger Relationship With My Family
I Forged A Stronger Relationship With My Family

"While there were several goals related to ordering the MindBox, the primary reason was related to personal growth, health and relationships.

I was looking for a way to relax, and "get in touch" with myself as well as forge a stronger relationship with my family.

I would definitely recommend it as well as the website.

Great products! I appreciate and fully support the goals and mission of The American Monk :-)"

~ David DeHaven from Fincastle, VA

The Best On Self-Help!

"When I bought the MindBox, I wanted to change my negative thinking, which it did!

I really enjoyed the techniques for healing, which helped myself and my family members. I enjoy the meditations cause it helps me relax.
I have tried a lot of self-help meditation products but the MindBox is one of the best on self help.

I would highly recommend the MindBox and I do when people ask me.

I finally find that I am much more calmer, and clear in my mind."

~ Kathi Lawrence from Vernon, BC, Canada

Helps You To Relax & Get In Touch With Your Real Self
Helps You To Relax & Get In Touch With Your Real Self

"My goal for using the MindBox was to learn how to deal with problems that are on the outside by getting in tune with my inner being.

I use the Daisy Pond and Center Stage most frequently and believe me it really helps you to relax and get in touch with your real self.

I do not get inundated with politics anymore because if I can control my thoughts and emotions, politics have little or nothing to do with the personal world that I am creating for myself.

My financial situation is constantly changing for the better. People are now willing to assist me at achieving financial freedom and I am amazed at how cheerful they are while helping me.

It seems miraculous to me. I simply meditate and picture these people smiling when I call them, and it works every single time.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone who wants to experience living on a higher level of conscious, learn how the mind works, and the effect that positive thinking has on situations and relationships. Great product !!!"

~ Lofton Tucker from Fort Worth Texas

I Will Use The MindBox's Information For A Lifetime

"I purchased the MindBox to give my daughter some helpful advice about feeling down and depressed. I found it very helpful in understanding the different difficulties we have in our lives.

I listened to the CD's on my road trips to different job's locations. I think I listened to them about six times so far!

The MindBox has information about all aspects of our lives and how to deal with life difficulties. I have really enjoyed the MindBox series and will probably use the information for a lifetime."

~ Charlie Vegter from Cardston, Alberta

It Has Helped Me Deal With Almost Every Situation In Life

"The MindBox has helped me deal with almost every situation in life. It has also helped me to keep a positive outlook in life, bring positive influences to the people I know & expect good things to come / happen.
It has helped me change for the better & taught me happiness is actually a state of mind

The MindBox provides excellent lessons for handling almost every situation in life positively. More importantly, it helps me in the realization of my dreams, living a fulfilling & happy life & attainment of spiritual awareness."

~ Liza Lim from Selangor, Malaysia

It Helps Taking Another Perspective Towards Life

"This material came to me by the law of attraction, or let's say by coincidence. I remember one day when I needed to improve the communication in my relationships, the next morning, I received an e-mail about the philosophical principle behind communication.

And whatever I needed,it came to me. The benefit of the Goldman Method is that you can take another perspective towards life. There's no need to strive when practicing the material,it is better to explore it."

~ Andrei Garcia

The MindBox Is The Answer To Changing Or Refining Anything

"My main goal for using the MindBox was to break away from self-defeating thoughts. I needed to get past my fears of failure and also fears of success.

Definitely, the MindBox is the answer to changing or refining anything you want to accomplish."

~ Tina Peterson from Green Bay, WI

improve my health and to attract wealth

"My goal was and still is to improve my health and to attract wealth and to be able to encourage others about how life is beautiful and there are so much of good people around us.

I would recomend the MindBox to someone else because there is so much to learn from Burt after so many years of experience and I am sure everyone will benefit from them.

As I bought several American Monk products Like the Intuitive Healing and the Hypno Diet they are all great and I really benefit from them it is like foods for the mind and we all need one or another, Burt motivates me and encourage me I can't describe it in words but I think he is one of a kind and we are lucky to have him in these dangerous time."

~ Lily Elias

I Must Say "It Actually Works".

"I have been reading all the materials that you have been sending me and I must say "It actually works".

I have tuned my thinking to such positive directions. I even took an IQ test and I have discovered that I am an Intuitive Thinker. (Not only) did that help improve my esteem, I even got a promotion out of changing my attitude towards my job.
How it works, I don't know but I am sure it had something towards reading and applying some of these principles in my daily life."

~ Paul C. from USA

Great Information And Insight

"The MindBox helped me explore new areas of thinking and to improved my state of mind.

The MindBox includes tons of great information and insight."

~ Roy Lehto from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The MindBox Improves My Way Of Thinking

"The MindBox really improves my way of thinking and my way of doing things in life.

The MindBox is absolutely great."

~ Stanley van den Worm from Veghel, the Netherlands