Testimonials on Self Confidence

Burt Goldman Is #1 In The Field Of Self-Help

"The Goldman Method is the most practical, yet mysterious program for effectively using your mind for personal success. It's my job to study tools and strategies for personal-growth, and according to me, Burt Goldman is #1 in the field of Self-Help.

I'm the educational director for SpeedLearning Institute, an international licensor of accelerated learning techniques to colleges and corporations.

My background is law, and I was the business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading; we graduated 2 million, including the White House staff of four U.S. Presidents. We recommend the purchase of the Goldman Method materials to our graduate-students and executives because they are easy-to-implement, and effective.

"The Magic of Desire, Belief and Expectation", lucidly explains how to run your life instead of life running you. It helps you reduce stress so you can fulfill your potential. It does not create geniuses, but allows you to release your hardwired gifts and talents. His baby-easy approach to meditation caused me to stop twice-a-day to go to my Alpha level for 20 minutes. It permits you to access your own healing powers."

~ Hal Weschler from USA

After Using The MindBox I Gained Greater Self Confidence
After Using The MindBox I Gained Greater Self Confidence

"After using the MindBox, I gained greater self confidence and started my own business. I have been able to do both and since have enjoyed great abundance in my life. I have the MindBox on my MP3 player and listen to it every night before bed.

I recommend the MindBox to everyone as I believe that these principles should be shared. Burt's meditations are great.

The MindBox is simple, packed with a big punch of personal growth and frees the spirit."

~ Jay Watterson from Logan, Utah

Give You An Opportunity To Develop Skills That Are Essential
Give You An Opportunity To Develop Skills That Are Essential

"My goal for using the MindBox is to learn techniques that help me to engage the world more effectively. I saw an opportunity to develop skills that are essential: living life with more confidence, and conquer self doubt.

I understand more deeply what it means that life happens from us, not to us. That we can decide how to assign meaning to the events in our lives rather than letting events trigger a reaction that is beyond our control.

It is a fundamental shift that allows for self empowerment, that engenders self determination. In other words it has made it easier for me to be my own man, with more confidence!

I've learned to use visualization techniques along with the bagha, such as the three screens technique, and the Kahuna Boldness technique, to create a clear vision and methods to realize that vision.
My most rewarding achievement since using the MindBox is the ability to preform with more stage presence and intensity as an entertainer. I feel my music comes from a deeper place and I welcome the possibilities that life holds more happily.

I recomend the MindBox to everyone with a desire to understand their lot in life better.

I think that the information contained in Burt Goldman's teachings is invaluable to those of us with big dreams and little practice at living them.

I have learned that certain behaviors bring about certain results. What I have learned from the MindBox is that there are proven and effective ways to detangle the burden of life from our thinking. We can instead, direct our energies from discontent and anxiety, to realizing our buried potential.

I think Burt Goldman has crafted a supreme array of tools, and pearls of wisdom, that help develop type of skills a person can have.
I think the essence of the MindBox is simple, to improve the quality of life.It does just that. Life presents the challenge for us to gain enough awareness to figure out mastery over the world.

I have spent the majority of my 45years in life searching for peices of the puzzle, to figure out the bigger picture. The MindBox is not just a treasure, it is the fortress that holds all the treasures!"

~ Marc Anthony DeTomaso from Naples, Florida. USA

Awesome & Life-Changing Are Not Overstatements!
Awesome & Life-Changing Are Not Overstatements!

"I purchased the MindBox because I was looking for comfort after the deaths of both my son and father within a short time. I was also looking to improve a situation at work, where my boss was often rude and demeaning.

I used, often, the exercises for grief over those who have passed. This gave me closure, comfort and strength.

With my rude boss, she has gradually leaving me alone to do my job. I sometimes don't hear from her for days and even weeks at a time.

I would visualize us at a conference table, together, smiling and nodding at the statement that "we both want the same thing here, there is no need for conflict." I think she "feels" now, that we do both want the same thing and that I don't blame her for any past problems. She has a new confidence in me and my associates. A great turnaround!
Work is now bearable, whereas in the past I used to instead visualize walking out, which wasn't helping at all.

I would highly recommend the MindBox. It helped me, and there are lots of other applications for different problems that I feel it could improve almost anyone's life.

Awesome and life changing are not overstatements!"

~ LeeAnn Tassotti from Racine, Wisconsin

I Have Been Able to Gain New Levels of Tolerance & Acceptance For Issues

"My goal for using the MindBox was variable.

I wanted to make available to myself more resources that would enable me to have better control over my thoughts and therefore my mind. I wanted to experiment with new healing methods, to produce better attitudes to problems, and to have access to better manifestation methods.

Within 2 weeks of using the MindBox, I gained knowledge into new ways of gaining self-confidence, learning basic principles of spirituality (for a Western and Scientific mind like mine), and using guided meditation to get a better handle of major problems affect me in my daily living.

I have been able to gain new levels of tolerance and acceptance for issues that would otherwise irritate or annoy me. The learning will stay with me forever.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone who is serious about learning new methods of gaining self-confidence, mental calm and control, career success, dealing with change, and so on.

What I especially like about this excellent resource is the fact that it has been created by Burt Goldman.

I have great respect for his views about spirituality and the practical approaches to life. He has shared with us his exceptional skills he learned in Paramhamsa Yogananda’s Institute, NLP, Silva meditation, Law of Attraction, Self-Hypnosis, Psychic Healing and the like. What the user will like about the tools is the fact that all these skills have been beautifully blended. I don’t know where anyone could find such a plethora of skills and leanings anywhere in one location.

I have so far only used the MindBox. Every meditation (there are over 40 of them covering most, if not all, aspects of human living) uses interesting, adventurous and simple to understand examples and metaphors for making positive changes, be it for self-confidence, mastery of emotions or gaining a deeper understanding of practical spirituality."

~ Nick L. from Nadi, Fiji Islands

Increased My Abilities As A Healer

"The Mindbox has given me new tools to deal with challenges that come up in my life. It doesn't seem to matter what the issue is, I can find a solution amongst the many different recordings in the MindBox. Burt is such an wonderful speaker that even just listening to his voice has a calming effect. I always listen to the training talk while traveling and the time just seems to fly by, and I am being educated at the same time.

I think the MindBox is wonderful. I have developed new skills and have increased my abilities as a Healer."

~ Lois Lovegrove from Australia

I Have Been The Highest Rated Dispatcher

"I have enjoyed all of your CD's. I have particularly benefited from the Self Healing. I have often used this when I felt myself getting sick and it helped me to prevent the illness.
I have also used Correcting Past Programing, as I come from a fairly dysfunctional / alcoholic family.

One thing I have been able to "test" as to its effectiveness is your phrase on sensing yourself improving everyday, in one area of your life.

I picked my job as a test. I am an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Our calls are marked and evaluated every month. I am suppose to score a 95 % on my calls every month. I regularly think of work during that segment of the CD and the last four months I have been the highest rated dispatcher. We all occasionally get there but it is rare for anyone to get repeated scores like that for long. I also won other awards at work in the last six months.

Thanks for a great product."

~ Kimberly H. from Canada

It Has Had a Profound Affect On The way I Look At Life

"The MindBox has enabled me to tackle all the challenges of my life, and adopt a positive attitude. I listen to a lecture and meditation track every working day, in order to re-align my thinking, and I am achieving great things.

For me, this really is the most genuinely useful and practical spiritual tool I have ever come across.

Those aspects of the course that have allowed me to connect, logically, to a concept of God have been wonderful. Raised in an atheist and scientific household, I have always lacked faith in my life.

Now, thanks to Burt's clear perception and logical reasoning, I am able to believe in something beyond myself. This has a profound affect on the way I look at life - and has taken away my fear of death. It is a real blessing.

There has been nothing about this course that I haven't enjoyed. I listen to the CDs again and again, to reinforce my understanding and increase my ability to connect with the positive energies of the universe. My work is creative (I am a writer/communicator), and I use Burt's tracks to feel inspired.

I am no longer afraid of "authority figures" which is extremely liberating, as this fear used to hamper me in all areas of my life. But more profoundly, as I said above, I am no longer afraid of death, and that is a gift beyond price.

My deep and heartfelt thanks for Burt for sharing his wisdom with the world. I have been looking for these answers all my life. I am 44, which was beginning to feel rather tired and old; but now I feel energized and filled with excitement."

~ Ros Swamp from United Kingdom

It Contains Invaluable Knowledge
It Contains Invaluable Knowledge

"My goal was to improve my life and health. I wanted to learn to control my thoughts, improve my life style in all aspects.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is interested and people who need help, because this knowledge also improves the individuals'self-esteem.

The MindBox is very useful and needed.

It opens your mind and it contains invaluable knowledge."

~ Isaura Mashiko from Japan

I Must Say "It Actually Works".

"I have been reading all the materials that you have been sending me and I must say "It actually works".

I have tuned my thinking to such positive directions. I even took an IQ test and I have discovered that I am an Intuitive Thinker. (Not only) did that help improve my esteem, I even got a promotion out of changing my attitude towards my job.
How it works, I don't know but I am sure it had something towards reading and applying some of these principles in my daily life."

~ Paul C. from USA