Testimonials on Spiritual Direction

The MindBox Is Deeply Rewarding
The MindBox Is Deeply Rewarding

"I purchased the MindBox as part of a long-term self-development effort, in which I have followed my intuition in the direction of wisdom sources. I found the MindBox tantalizing. So many areas were touched on. I liked that the MindBox combined conscious teaching (lecture material), with guided meditation. That is a superb combination for me.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone on a path of spiritual and personal development. It is uniquely broad-based in content, touching on virtually every area of concern one could have, yet it is uniquely personal.

I love the MindBox because it is so intimately personal but sophisticated at the same time.

Burt becomes a loved family member and trusted friend as he presents his decades of wisdom into memorable, resonant, and moving vignettes. While some other self-development products seem lightweight or contrived, the MindBox is appropriately deep and deeply rewarding. I think the teachings in the Mind Box exemplify something that is often missing in our culture: deep wisdom teaching from a real "Elder." This collection fills that void for me, and I hope to continue mining its treasures for a long time to come."

~ Marcus Gitterle from Central Texas

The Best Self Improvement Method In My Life
The Best Self Improvement Method In My Life

"I was looking for a self-improvement product that could be used in any situation in life, and I found what I was looking for in The Mindbox. It has dozens of easy ways to improve your life. I listen to it in my car, as I drive at least 2-3 hours daily. I am able to utilize this time listening to the CD's, and then I meditate with the meditation tracks at home. I have listened to the entire Mindbox at least 6 times so far.

I am using many of the techniques:
- The Thought Stopping technique comes in handy when I am trying to go to sleep and thoughts keep popping in my head.
- The Magic Star is incredulous - I am going to put numbered tiles of the Magic Star in the garden of my new home, so I can walk The Star outside, and I can't wait to teach my grandson how to do this.

There are so many techniques in this program - it is exciting to me just thinking of how I can use the different ones. I am really glad I purchased this program!

I have and will continue to recommend The Mindbox to my friends and family. It is the best self improvement method I have come across in my life.

I think The American Monk products are fabulous resources for those of us interested in self improvement and reaching our full abilities and capabilities in this life."

~ Michelle Nicholas from Temple, Georgia

It Changes My Perception Of - Literally - Everything
It Changes My Perception Of - Literally - Everything

"Consistent use Burt's teachings - in listening to and thinking about the lectures, and in participating in the meditations - has been of benefit in many aspects of my life. One of the greatest is the results that come from committing to, and sticking with, "the practice." We tend to think of "habits" as mindless, bad things - but the habit of practicing with Burt's teachings is the opposite - mindful, and very, very good!

Without a doubt, my favorite exercise is the Daisy Pond. I am a small business owner; my days are typically hectic and taking a few minutes in the middle of the day to swim and float in that magical place changes my perception of - literally - everything. It is a sensual and psychological oasis!

My ability to focus is stronger. My intuition is higher, my interactions with the people around me are more mindful. What I love about Burt's program is how well it integrates with other practices in my life, such as the study of quantum mechanics and working with Jungian archetypes...Burt's teachings are, in some respects, a synthesis of all of those other paths."

~ Linda Anger from Rochester Hills, Michigan

The Mindbox Is Impressive In Both Its Scope And Breath

"I was looking for a "Compendium of Wisdom" on various spiritual practices and problem solving.
I had accessed the site prior when I was looking into the Silva Method, and was impressed with Burt's live experiences along the path he had taken. In examining the Box, I was impressed with the variation and breath of the subject and chose to purchase it as both a "First Aid Kit for the Soul" and to supplement and augment my own study.

I will recommend it to everyone cause the work within is impressive in both its scope and breath. The coverage format (explanation and practice) is a very effective teaching technique and it is well organized and easy to understand and use.

I am quite satisfied with the products I have purchased and the customer service is prompt and well thought out. His products are definitely a cut above the usual type of material presented on these kinds of sites. Bravo, Burt!"

~ John Melka from Elgin, IL

The Most Explicit & Easy To Understand.

"I found your course to be the most explicit & easy to understand.

My entire philosophy on life is exactly as you teach, I am a healer and teach this way of looking at life but for some time now it would appear that I have lost my way and had hoped for the answers in your system. Your course is extremely comprehensive, laid out in an easy step by step system. I have been searching for the answers for so long now that I've forgotten what the questions were!

I know your course and the information is brilliant but I have yet to find the right key to open my own mind to it."

~ Jean T. from United Kingdom

Thank You Is An Inadequate Term To Express my Gratitude
Thank You Is An Inadequate Term To Express my Gratitude

"A higher level of consciousness has begun to set in, thanks to the MindBox.

You see, most times when we hear the Inner Voice that speaks to us in the silence of our thoughts we tend to neglect it. Then comes along someone like Burt Goldman. I listen to Burt early each morning at dawn.

Immediately after my meditation, I listen to the voice of Mr. Goldman and the connection is immediate. The wisdom therein opens up new dimensions that are simply phenomenal. Mr. Goldman's teaching takes me closer to the most precious gem that we are all blessed with but which we seldom touch upon - The Being that is inside us all.

I cannot stay away for a single day without the reassuring and knowledgeable voice of Mr. Goldman. I am grateful to him for marrying technology with his immense knowledge and spiritual insight to bring to ordinary men and women like me who thirst for a glimpse into what or who we are."

~ Bobby Menon from India

It Has Had a Profound Affect On The way I Look At Life

"The MindBox has enabled me to tackle all the challenges of my life, and adopt a positive attitude. I listen to a lecture and meditation track every working day, in order to re-align my thinking, and I am achieving great things.

For me, this really is the most genuinely useful and practical spiritual tool I have ever come across.

Those aspects of the course that have allowed me to connect, logically, to a concept of God have been wonderful. Raised in an atheist and scientific household, I have always lacked faith in my life.

Now, thanks to Burt's clear perception and logical reasoning, I am able to believe in something beyond myself. This has a profound affect on the way I look at life - and has taken away my fear of death. It is a real blessing.

There has been nothing about this course that I haven't enjoyed. I listen to the CDs again and again, to reinforce my understanding and increase my ability to connect with the positive energies of the universe. My work is creative (I am a writer/communicator), and I use Burt's tracks to feel inspired.

I am no longer afraid of "authority figures" which is extremely liberating, as this fear used to hamper me in all areas of my life. But more profoundly, as I said above, I am no longer afraid of death, and that is a gift beyond price.

My deep and heartfelt thanks for Burt for sharing his wisdom with the world. I have been looking for these answers all my life. I am 44, which was beginning to feel rather tired and old; but now I feel energized and filled with excitement."

~ Ros Swamp from United Kingdom

A Pivotal Moment In My Spiritual Progression

"I have lectured all around the world. I' am the top in a network marketing company, own a healing center, a manufacturing company, have had profound mystical experiences that go beyond anything I could have imagined earlier in my life, and am entering into a new even more magnificent time in my life.

I wanted to say thank you. Whether you recognized something in me, heard an inner guidance or simply contributed to a "coincidence" in my life...that event was one of the pivotal moments in my spiritual progression.

I am grateful to have known you. Thank you very much

Sending love gratitude and blessings."

~ Kathy from Denver, Colorada

The American Monk Products Are Priceless!

"I wanted to utilize something to assist me with the inner personal challenges that I have been encountering in my life as well as obtain powerful tools for my spiritual enhancement.

For a long time, I was manifesting things, people and situation that I did not desire and truly wanted to change that.

I was aware of the principles of manifesting but needed a teacher who could guide me through this process with the skill and wisdom.

Mr. Goldman was the one. Now, whenever I am confronted with an obstacle or feel stuck in a state of negative mindset, I can utilize the valuable tools that have been entrusted in the MindBox series.

Using these precious tools have produced a series of new outcomes in my life and in the way I perceive my situations. We can change our outcomes using the right guidance and techniques.

I would definitely recommend the MindBox to someone else. The value and wisdom contained in those cd's are like precious gems.

The first time I played a Cd, I was deeply drawn to Mr. Goldman's heartfelt attempt to share all that he had accumulated over a lengthy period of his life.

The sincerity and honest intention to transfer this wisdom could be felt with each and every word spoken. His efforts to give us all of this vital knowledge comes across with conviction and genuine care for the recipients of the MindBox series.

The MindBox and other American Monk's products bridges the gap between religious dogmas and spiritual knowledge.

These products deliver a wealth of spiritual wisdom that first applies to one's inner life transformation which will inevitably impact the world out there in a way that religious teachings have failed to do thus far.

The American Monk products are priceless!"

~ Salma Abdool from Woodbridge, Canada

The Techniques Can Be Used To Great Effect At Any Time

"I first came across Burt Goldman's product while browsing the internet looking into methods that could hep me through a rough patch in my life.
I was finding it difficult to cope and needed to get in touch with my deeper self.
I have found the MindBox recordings very useful and have listened to them many times. The three two one method works well for me and enables me to touch base when things around get tough. I often now use the Bagha and the Wave of Goodness to send good vibes to those around me. I am so glad you made these cds and passed on some of your knowledge for our benefit. Thank you.

I would recommend purchasing the MindBox because it is crammed with so much useful information and gives access to techniques that can be used to great effect at any time."

~ Krysia Beynon from Swansea

Without Your Methods, I'd Still Be Living Out Only Half My Life And Potential

"Being a newbie and skeptic to any type of alternative thinking... I just have one word to say -It Blown me away!

It's funny how we trod through life getting caught-up in the details of everyday living and do not realize what power is all around us.

I feel like a horse whose blinders have been lifted for the first time! There's a whole other world, and reality out there that I didn't even know existed! What else can I say - if I were not employing your methods, I'd still be living out only half my life and potential!!"

~ Nicholas Doulos from USA

Every Day I Feel Better And Better!

"My life already had a turning point, when I got my first Silva Mind training in 1986 but I was already very interested in your MindBox.

Because I'm currently using the Mantra, my life is improving every day.
Every day, I feel better and better!

I would definitely recommend the MindBox to my family and friends.

I have become a strong and beautiful woman!
I am very happy with it!"

~ Sonja Klein from The Netherlands

I Am Expanding My Spiritual Awareness

"I am expanding my spiritual awareness and the MindBox recordings are extremely helpful, in that they spring a new perspective and new openings with each use. The techniques are so helpful in every way.

I would recommend the MindBox to everyone looking for more awareness and peace of mind

They are terrific! Thank you."

~ Suzanne from Pompano Beach Florida

Higher Spirituality & Better Control Over My Life

"The reason why I bought the MindBox was to attain higher spirituality and better control over my life.

The Mindbox definitely helped me with this.

I also used this during my step 1 board exam ( for medical school) studies. I would go through a meditation during each of my breaks. Over a day, that adds up to a lot of meditating ( definitely helped with my anxiety and stress levels. I obtained therefore a better score!).

MindBox covers such a wide array of topics. It can solve most problems out there!

The MindBox was good. The ideas and the theories behind what he says is solid."

~ Mandeep Gill from New York, USA