Testimonials on Stress Relief

Aiding My Inner Spirit Back Into Balance.[*]
Aiding My Inner Spirit Back Into Balance.[*]

"Aloha Mr. Goldman, My goal for taking your lesson is to find balance once again with my inner self. I have been going through tremendous stress for a long time and felt as though my spirituality was slipping away. Because of the stress I have been living with, negativity surrounds me and I know that I can do something about, but lost the focus to accomplish this. I know I needed help.

Yesterday I felt stressed about my financial situation, I got lost inside of my stress and fears. I then made a commitment to really give your lessons a try. I followed your guidance in lesson 1, and WOW! The inner peace and serenity I felt was powerful. I then realized how long it has been since I felt that way. Well needless to say my financial problems didn't just disappear, but I wasn't consumed by the negative affects of it. The rest of my day and night was beautiful and blissful.

I am definitely going to pass this gift on to friends and family. I also asked my boyfriend to experience lesson 1 with me. Thank you so much for aiding me and my inner spirit back into balance."

~ Rondalynn from Kailua Kona,Hawaii

Comprehensible lessons to finding peace
Comprehensible lessons to finding peace

"I was looking for tools to help me release stress, to find inner calm and peace. I've really only just started working with the tools but I have already begun to work with the ones in the modules that I have listened to.
I still have some issues that need work, but I feel that the tools that are in the MindBox will be of definite value.
I am calmer and I find it easier to relax. I don't feel as angry as I had been when I started working with the MindBox.

Yes, I would recommend this to others. And I already have!

I like that this is easy to understand and it doesn't take hours of my time to listen to one module and do the meditation."

~ Mary Emison from Dayton, Ohio, USA

I Thank You Over And Over For All The Direction

"I have enjoyed every one of your very informative and easy to read exercises.

I have been going through a lot of stress for a long time. By practicing the exercises on the 2 audios sent by you, I know that I can hope to have a life filled with better peace and health.

I thank you over and over for all the direction that comes from you."

~ Fatima S. from Sri Lanka

We Love The MindBox Series

"My husband and I wanted to meditate and learn how to calm ourselves during various types of stress.

We LOVE using The MindBox series. We take turns chosing which CD we will listen before going to bed. We have definitely noticed a difference in how we handle the challenges of our lives. Thanks for everything!

We definitely recommend The MindBox to others. People have stress in their lives and learning new ways to help deal with it would be beneficial to anyone.

Burt's stories are wonderful, and we know most of them by heart."

~ Andrea Dorfner from Voorhees, New Jersey

Transforming My Life Into a More Positive "Alternate" Version of My Life

"My hope in purchasing The MindBox was to gain greater mastery over my own mind and greater ability to set my own course in life. Although it has only been a few short weeks since I began listening to the MindBox tracks I have been transforming my life into a more positive "alternate" version of my life, of my choosing.

The MindBox is reawakening my belief in a bright future for myself and my family. New possibilities are opening up in my life."

~ Joshua Bentley from Holts Summit, Missouri

I Have Found My Inner Calm Again

"I think I have stumbled upon the American Monk by providence or serendipity.

I had come to a point in my life where I was lost.....having trouble sleeping, thinking, coping with day to day issues. I could maintain only as long as I was focused on someone else's problems but the moment I was idle, my 'ghosts' would come back to haunt me.

I bought the MindBox and I am glad I did.
I have found my inner calm again and created my own "off switch" so I can turn off my mind and get some sleep.

My oldest grandson is six years old. He was diagnosed with ADHD. He is a bright, funny, imaginative kid but he has self-control issues. He sometimes cried and told me that he hated me and wished it would not happen.

I promised him that I would find a way to make it better...and I did...with the MindBox program.

I took what I learned from it and adapted it to fit his needs.

He now has a button in the roof of his mouth that puts him in his quiet place.It's been a little over four months without incident. I showed him a picture of a daisy so he'd know what to picture. Then, I taught him the Daisy Pond exercise to help him relax so he can get to sleep at night.

I'm still learning and am truly getting better and better.

I would recommend The MindBox to others and I have... The methods are well explained and guided so that you actually "know" what you are doing...
You are not guessing the procedures and hoping you are getting it right.

I can reach the Alpha state in the snap of my fingers. I had never meditated before and I did not understand what was suppose to be happening while I was going through the motions....

Now I do.

You have helped more people than you could ever imagine. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

~ Nancy Pfeifer from Goldsboro, NC

I Feel Blessed To Have Found The MindBox

"My purpose in buying the MindBox was mainly for stress reduction and learning how to take control of my emotions.

I am presently going through a very difficult divorce and needed strategies that I could use to maintain my composure and keep my stress level down.
I absolutely love the first CD's in the MindBox.

I use some portions of it every single day and will most likely continue to do so during the remainder of this divorce process. I love that I've never heard of these techniques before. I love even more that these techniques truly do work. I feel like I have rewired my thoughts and emotions in certain ways.

I truly feel blessed to have found and taken a chance on the MindBox.

I would absolutely recommend the MindBox because it has brought me positive results.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the MindBox. I'm certain that I will be purchasing more American Monk products in the future, as I have faith in Burt and the products that he is producing. I like the way he delivers his message. He comes across as being very real, which appeals to me."

~ Cheryl from New Jersey

Alleviating Stress & Becoming More Centered

"My goal with using the MindBox was to find a means of alleviating stress and finding inner peace. The meditations have helped me enormously, not only in alleviating stress and becoming more centered, but also in enjoying more harmonious relationships on the job. I have also found gradual physical relief for daily aches and pains associated with arthritis.

I would recommend The American Monk to family and friends because of the changes I am finding in my life. I would hope that everyone could take advantage of this exceptional program and path to becoming the best that one can be."

~ Roberta Culver from Alexandria, VA

Quest To Discover Life Purpose

"For the last few years I've been on a quest to discover life purpose, God, energy, and to understand the science and spirit of who we are. My goal for learning from the MindBox series was for overall self improvement and increased knowledge. I had known of the MindBox and was curious about it.

Four weeks ago I broke my ankle from a silly fall at work. Instinctively, I knew I had caused this harm to myself. So it sounded odd to me when people called it an "accident". I didn't know or understand the reasoning behind my "accident" but I knew it was no accident. The doctor ordered me off my feet for four weeks, so I took this opportunity to study the MindBox series. I wasted no time in placing the order!

My month off my feet is up on Tuesday (two more days), at which time I can return to work. This morning I practised the Magic Square (on crutches) for the first time. I have come to believe that I needed the four weeks to remove myself from a very long standing stressful work environment. I work with children who have been permanently removed from the care of their parents.

The MindBox has helped me identify the stress I live in every day while at work. It has also helped me to open myself to other possible positions both inside and outside the organization. The MindBox has helped me to create some long term goals and recognize the source of my stagnation. The MindBox has also given me resources to help me protect myself from the negative emotional energies that I will face once again when I return to work.

When I began listening to the CD's, the sense that I already knew this material overwhelmed me. It was like Burt was reminding me of long forgotten common sense. As the CD's continued though, new material was also discovered. I have come to accept that I absorb the energy around me and I need to separate that from my own. I feel I've developed my psychic ability to some degree and that I can trust what I sense now.

I have already recommended the MindBox to a coworker. She had heard of the American Monk. When I return to work, I expect that others will see the changes I've made and I will let them know where the credit is due and if they would like, I will direct them to the American Monk's material.

The American Monk is real. The techniques although they sound weird are real. I believe someday when we have a better understanding of quantum physics we will see the techniques as natural. We will look back on this time period and recognize we were in our infancy in understanding the bigger picture."

~ Barb McLean from Peace River, Alberta, Canada

My Portable Help Center

"I needed to de-stress my life and find a way to determine my limitations so I could grow and be happy. The MindBox program is a series of small lectures and meditations that I learned to use quickly and quite successfully. I call it "my portable help center".

This program works so well for me that I have recommended it many times to friends and other people that I feel will benefit from the information and practices. Through the help in MindBox, I have learned to relax and to think more clearly from a relaxed mind.

I have a number of Burt's programs and I value each one of them. I use all of the programs as I need the subject I choose. I allow the programs to be an important opportunity in my life."

~ A Q Finley from Rake Iowa

Useful And Effective
Useful And Effective

"I am from India and have learned the meditation techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

I find your lessons very useful and effective and the techniques that you have been teaching have helped me a lot in relieving stress and making life more smooth."

~ Raju Abraham from India

It Helps Me to Overcome The Stress

"It helps me to relax when things get stressful.

At work, all I have to do is take a deep breath and tell myself to relax. At home I do the same thing when things get stressful with my children. Then, I read some of the tips and follow that.

I love the mind tips. They are informative and helpful and I will be applying them in getting my business going. We can never be fully stress-free but we definitely do not need to be over-stressed and with your mind tips and your free online course it helps me to overcome the stress and have a more perspective on life and see that I can accomplish anything."

~ Lois G. from USA

Less Stressful Days, More Calm, Rested and Productive At Work.

"I was waking up at 3 a.m every night feeling anxious, worried, in physical pain from a car accident and unable to get back to sleep.

I had purchased products from Burt before, so I decided that this was a good time to listen to Burt's MindBox and do some reprogramming.

Within days I was getting more sleep, having less stressful days and becoming more calm, rested and productive at work.
After several weeks of doing the meditations, my anxiety and physical pain has now diminished and I am able to sleep through the night.

I have recommended the MindBox to several of my friends and associates."

~ Mavis Alexander from Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada

I Feel Better & Better Each Day

"I have been stressed for a long time. I went to see a doctor about it but he said I had no problem. Then I found The American Monk. Burt allowed me to try the MindBox for only $1 for an entire week. I tried it for three days and I felt much better. It seemed magical to me. Now I have been using the MindBox for over a month. I feel better and better each day. If you have problems with stress like me, you need to use the Mindbox. Your life will improve"

~ Boi Van Pham from Walla Walla, Washington

Higher Spirituality & Better Control Over My Life

"The reason why I bought the MindBox was to attain higher spirituality and better control over my life.

The Mindbox definitely helped me with this.

I also used this during my step 1 board exam ( for medical school) studies. I would go through a meditation during each of my breaks. Over a day, that adds up to a lot of meditating ( definitely helped with my anxiety and stress levels. I obtained therefore a better score!).

MindBox covers such a wide array of topics. It can solve most problems out there!

The MindBox was good. The ideas and the theories behind what he says is solid."

~ Mandeep Gill from New York, USA