Testimonials on Visualization

Give You An Opportunity To Develop Skills That Are Essential
Give You An Opportunity To Develop Skills That Are Essential

"My goal for using the MindBox is to learn techniques that help me to engage the world more effectively. I saw an opportunity to develop skills that are essential: living life with more confidence, and conquer self doubt.

I understand more deeply what it means that life happens from us, not to us. That we can decide how to assign meaning to the events in our lives rather than letting events trigger a reaction that is beyond our control.

It is a fundamental shift that allows for self empowerment, that engenders self determination. In other words it has made it easier for me to be my own man, with more confidence!

I've learned to use visualization techniques along with the bagha, such as the three screens technique, and the Kahuna Boldness technique, to create a clear vision and methods to realize that vision.
My most rewarding achievement since using the MindBox is the ability to preform with more stage presence and intensity as an entertainer. I feel my music comes from a deeper place and I welcome the possibilities that life holds more happily.

I recomend the MindBox to everyone with a desire to understand their lot in life better.

I think that the information contained in Burt Goldman's teachings is invaluable to those of us with big dreams and little practice at living them.

I have learned that certain behaviors bring about certain results. What I have learned from the MindBox is that there are proven and effective ways to detangle the burden of life from our thinking. We can instead, direct our energies from discontent and anxiety, to realizing our buried potential.

I think Burt Goldman has crafted a supreme array of tools, and pearls of wisdom, that help develop type of skills a person can have.
I think the essence of the MindBox is simple, to improve the quality of life.It does just that. Life presents the challenge for us to gain enough awareness to figure out mastery over the world.

I have spent the majority of my 45years in life searching for peices of the puzzle, to figure out the bigger picture. The MindBox is not just a treasure, it is the fortress that holds all the treasures!"

~ Marc Anthony DeTomaso from Naples, Florida. USA

Awesome & Life-Changing Are Not Overstatements!
Awesome & Life-Changing Are Not Overstatements!

"I purchased the MindBox because I was looking for comfort after the deaths of both my son and father within a short time. I was also looking to improve a situation at work, where my boss was often rude and demeaning.

I used, often, the exercises for grief over those who have passed. This gave me closure, comfort and strength.

With my rude boss, she has gradually leaving me alone to do my job. I sometimes don't hear from her for days and even weeks at a time.

I would visualize us at a conference table, together, smiling and nodding at the statement that "we both want the same thing here, there is no need for conflict." I think she "feels" now, that we do both want the same thing and that I don't blame her for any past problems. She has a new confidence in me and my associates. A great turnaround!
Work is now bearable, whereas in the past I used to instead visualize walking out, which wasn't helping at all.

I would highly recommend the MindBox. It helped me, and there are lots of other applications for different problems that I feel it could improve almost anyone's life.

Awesome and life changing are not overstatements!"

~ LeeAnn Tassotti from Racine, Wisconsin

Positive Energy For Building Another Future For Myself
Positive Energy For Building Another Future For Myself

"I am a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, from New Orleans, and since that life-altering event, I have been reaching out for every possible tool and benefit that I can attain, in my attempt to rebuild my life and career.
I am a multi-disciplinary performance artist, and teacher of various arts education programs of my own creation, formerly in the Orleans Parish Public Schools System.

As most of my work was interrupted by the destruction and closure of the schools and many of the performance venues where I had formerly presented my creation, I had to direct my creativity towards the considerable effort of recreating my artistic life.

I am still in that process, and have used many of the visualization, meditation and emotional management techniques you have created in the MindBox, as a way of helping myself on the path. Along with my yoga and tai chi practice, I have managed to transform most of the rage and frustrations I had felt in the early stages into positive energy for building another future for myself."

~ Nanette Ledet, survivor of Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans

Great Contribution To Mankind!

"I have been practicing transcendental meditation for 12 years. The MindBox lessons have brought a lot of things into perspective by providing mental visualization techniques. This is essential to self realization, and revealing your life’s purpose. Thank You Burt for providing such a great contribution to mankind!"

~ John Bikek from USA